February 28, 2014

Pit & Peak


I am participating in *Pit & Peak* for the first time here. Please check out Allie's Blog and read about it and participate, too!


  • Thomas and I were passed over on our offer for a Townhouse we really wanted. I was very disappointed because it had just about everything I wanted in a condo/townhouse. This was the 3rd place we had made an offer on and did not get, I guess 3rd time is not the charm.


  • It's RAINING! I live in Los Angeles and it hardly ever rains. We just went through one storm and are in the midst of a larger one. I'm loving it and love that my desk faces a window (even if small) at work. 
  • I started getting RSVPs back in the mail for the wedding! Very excited for that. 

  • I put in a transfer at work that would take me to a district office where I would be working face to face with clients instead of over the phone - I probably won't get it (lots of people ask for it) but I'm proud of myself to daring to try something new (and difficult).
  • I've done more packing this week and my room is looking more bear. This could be a pit, but I'm excited to move out and live with my man. One step at a time. 

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  1. Blah, I hope the rain goes away for you.

    I'm so sorry about the townhouse.

    1. I'm sure the rain won't last long. They said Sunday, but I bet it'll be gone tomorrow. Still I enjoy it (probably because it's so rare!). Thanks!