February 26, 2014

Wedding Details

As I’ve mentioned previously I have gotten a lot done for the wedding. My initial check list is just nearly completed. Now that most of the big items have been taken care of I have to turn my attention to the details – the things that are harder to pin point and to complete too far ahead of time. I don’t like this part of the wedding planning. Mostly I’ve been avoiding it (although with good reason – we are trying to buy a condo) but I have to work out the details of the wedding day.

Part of the problem I have with working out the details is that I forget what they are and they keep popping up on me. There are some things that I am avoiding because I don’t know how to do it. For example, I have to figure out what I want the tables to look like but without having the table clothes, table diamonds, plates, utensils, and whatever else it’s hard to do. The tables, table cloths, and diamonds won’t arrive until the day before so it’s hard for me to really picture it. Worse I won’t be able to set up the tables (they will be set up the day of but I will be busy that day, of course)  so I have to instruct someone else on how to do it (and as I said before I want things my way and giving the job to someone else makes me anxious!).

I also have to come up with a seating chart which is difficult since most of the invitees are his family and I’m not exactly sure who should sit next to whom. I will have to involve him for this part. But I can’t do any of that until I receive RSVPs. I sent the invitations a week ago, so hopefully they’ll start coming in in the next few weeks. After getting the seating taken care of I have to create a way for the guests to know where they will be sitting. I had started looking into this but wasn’t sure what I wanted. At previous weddings I found it difficult to find my seat because there were many people trying to look at the same paper to figure it out. Luckily I’ve figured out how to do this (even if I still have to get it done).  Thomas often puts movies on his computer and then connects the laptop to the TV in the living room to watch them. While doing this the other night I realized that I can create a slide to put on his laptop and to have on the TV so that guests can easily see where they will be sitting. I still have to make the table numbers, but that worries me much less.

The biggest detail that I have to work out and coordinate with other people is the timeline of the event. I’ve gotten a rough timeline which I think will work well. However I still need to sit down with Thomas and go over it and make sure it makes sense to both of us. Once we have it written out I have to send it out to our DJ, photographer, ceremony coordinator, and my make-up and hair people. And possibly others that I can’t think of right now.

Speaking of the DJ I have to really sit down with Thomas and a computer/iPad and work out the songs we want to make sure he plays as well as the special songs for the scheduled dances. I’ve been avoiding this one as well because I’m not huge into music and I do not like to dance. It has to get done, though.

The other details that I’m worried about are things that I’ve given to Thomas to take care of. These include getting a car/limo for the ride from the ceremony to the reception. Thomas tells me we can do this the day before. As you can imagine, this didn’t go well with me since I like to have things pre-planned and figured out. I really don’t want to take this back and do it myself, but if too much more time passes I might have to. I’ve also left him in charge of dance classes and getting his suit rentals (as well as organizing his groomsmen to go get measured). I went with my dad for his suit and he is all set for his.  

I’m trying to not worry about his to-do list, but I get anxious about it sometimes.

I haven’t opened my wedding binder in a few weeks because the time we have put into buying a house (post to come about that). I need to fix that. The bag is sitting in my trunk at the moment. I will try to bring into work and go through the to-do list I have in there and see if I have knocked anything else off and if I need to add anything.
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  1. The seating chart was definitely one of the more challenging parts of planning our wedding - and we only had about 150 people. I know some people who had way larger weddings than that and I have no idea how they managed! You can do it though, and it will feel so good when you are done with the seating chart! I am a new follower :)


    1. Ohhhh the seating chart! I had forgotten about that! I'm starting to get my RSVPs in and before I know it I will have to start working on that. *sight* We only have 75 people invited, so hopefully it's not too bad. Most people are Thomas' family and they get along so I'll be able to just group them together and group my (much smaller) family and friends. Thanks for coming by!!!! :)