March 25, 2014

Hey! It's okay...

It was one heck of a weekend so I think that finding all things that are okay is definitely something I needed.

Hey! It’s okay…

  • That I cried. I needed to relieve some stress and get out the things that were going on in my head that I couldn’t otherwise express. I might have freaked Thomas out a bit (a lot), and even though it sucked having a panic attack at the time… I sort of feel like I was able to express a lot of my worries and concerns.
  • That I bought a fridge on Sunday evening without Thomas there. I asked him to go with me but he said he didn’t want to. I went with my mom and I chose a fridge that I am happy with. I’ll go and check it out with Thomas to make sure he likes it.
  • That I am a bit of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to my wedding. Unfortunately this has caused a lot of arguments between Thomas and I, but I stand by wanting things specific ways. I’m discovered that I am sort of a micromanager and not being able to control certain aspects of the wedding is driving me insane.
  • That I spend the majority of my 3-minutes-between-calls time reading blogs. My morning at work usually consists of taking calls and then reading blogs 3 minutes at a time. After I get through all the blogs I go to Twitter, then I will either scroll through Instagram or start writing my own blog post (like this one, during my lunch hour).
  • (probably not okay, but it’s okay…) that I peel my gel nail polish office as time gets close to getting them re-done. I leave them on for a month, so the last week they begin to peel. I’ll be getting them redone tonight! I only have 2 more times before the wedding and then I will no longer go to the salon for them.
  • That I do not love being in social situations and that I sometimes would rather hang out just with Thomas or on my own. .
  • That I have not been worrying about losing weight for now. My plan is that when I get back from my honeymoon (which is to Argentina so it will include a lot of red meat, gelato dulce de leche, facturas and masa finas) I will reevaluate my weight and where I want to be. I will plan out meals (I think I will start off doing lots of crock pot recipes) that both Thomas and I enjoy and that are healthy for us. It will be a work in progress to learn to cook for two on a daily basis and to learn which veggies he will and will not eat.
  • To feel a bit of relief to have our loan approved. We are about 11 days away from closing escrow. I still very much dislike our realtor, but thanks to a great broker my spirits have been up. We should have our appraisal completed any day now.
  • To not be completely excited about the bridal shower that I’m having on Sunday. Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY grateful for it, but because it is a social event it is giving me a bit of anxiety which in turns does not allow me to be excited.
  • To be upset that flights for our honeymoon were as low $849 round trip and by the time I went to buy them they had gone up $200 per ticket. I’m holding out hope that they will go back down soon.
  • That this post is really long… so I will stop here!

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  1. sometimes a good cry is what we need! it's an excellent stress reliever :)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I too suffer from social anxiety. It's so hard! I am usually fine once I am there but getting there is an ordeal. Crying is always good, I teach my kids it's better to cry and get it out then to hold it in. If you have to cry, cry. I hope it made you feel a better, I know I usually do.

  3. It's ok to be who you are and not to have to apologize for it. :)

    Argentina sounds so fun! Take LOTS of pictures!

  4. Oh, I HATE the game of buying airline tickets. I never know if I should buy or wait. Gah!

    Crying helps. Sometimes I have a good cry. It freaks out my husband, but oh well.

    Your honeymoon sounds like it'll be a blast!

  5. Hope you're doing well. Re: your comment on my blog, therapy was probably the best decision I made at this time in my life ;) It could be a GREAT option for you!

  6. Sometimes a good cry is totally necessary! I freak the husband out with it, too. But he's long since used to it by now (it's been over 10 years haha). Stupid airline tickets make me SO mad!