March 14, 2014


I have loved seeing everyone talking about this in one way or another. Thank you Whitney for starting this! It is SO important to stop for a minute and really give yourself credit for the person you are. With that said, I don’t do it often. I am very critical of myself and tend to put myself down. I could say that this is because I let what other people say about me get to me and then I begin to believe them, but that’s playing the blame game I think.

Truth is, there are things I like (or love) about myself if I stop to think about it.

//- I love my smile. Ever since I was little I was told that it’s like I have cotton balls in my cheeks, making them super squishable – and they were right!

//- I love that I am a helpful person (although maybe sometime too much so). I am always volunteering at work and other places to help the people around me. I volunteer on two committees at work, one is FUNMANIA which is our County-wide picnic, and the other is helping the Red Cross hold a blood drive at my office. This is sort of selfish, I like being appreciated and this is a good way to get appreciation.

//- Not to get intimate or anything, but I love my chest. It’s large but not overly so. In my opinion (and probably my fiancĂ©e’s) my chest is as perfect as it can be. It looks good in just about any clothes.

//- I am organized. This is something new that I learned when I started planning my wedding and we first put a bid on a house. I put binders together for each event, dividing the different subjects and even making a decorative cover for the front. I’m usually not as organized and I’m having a hard time finding bank statements to provide to my lender, but it’s a good thing to start being organized – especially since my life is doing a 180* in just a few short weeks.

//- I can cook! I’m good at it, too. I’ll be doing a lot more cooking in a few weeks, but I already know that I am good at making meals that are not only edible but tasty as well. I’ll be creating a recipe page on my blog if only for me to be able to refer to them later on (my fiancĂ© expects me to cook for him just about every night!).

//- I'm a great mom. I don't have kids yet but I've done a lot of raising with my niece and nephew. I am the one who takes them to school, to birthday parties, shopping, helps with homework, etc, etc. Sometimes I get frustrated and upset, but I love them to death and they love me right back. They are good, loving, caring kids and I know part of it is because of me. 

//- Typically I am always smiling. Even when I wake up in a bad mood or something happens, it's hard for me to not be smiling or saying hello to the people around me. 

//- I speak/write/read castellano (spanish) fluently. My mom doesn't speak English so of course it had to be my first language. Lots of people in similar situations, though, have thick accents, either in their 1st language or in English, I speak both languages perfectly. I can go to Argentina without anyone realizing I am from the US an no one ever knows I speak Spanish unless they hear me speaking it. 

//- This one can be something I don't like sometimes, but for the most time I like my emotions. I can feel other peoples' pain and joy. It may lead to me crying over dumb things, but I think it keeps me true to myself.

//- I LOVE that I am comfortable enough in my own skin that I don't need to wear make-up. I'm actually sort of dreading it for my wedding day, but I know that on that day I should have my face evened out. On a day-to-day basis though I don't need or what to put anything on my face. (Note: this isn't to say anything against people who like wearing make-up, please don't be offended). 


(anyone care to tell me how I can make the gifs smaller?)

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