March 4, 2014

Kathy's Barbershop

A year or more ago Thomas realized that he could save money if I shaved his head instead of him going to the barbershop to have it done. The only shaving that I had ever done at that point only included my armpits and legs. Thomas' had confidence in me, even if it wavered when we started. 

Thomas hates it when his hair gets long and would keep it nice and short (#1 clipper) all the time if he could. I think he looks better with his hair a little longer, but alas it's his head so he gets what he wants. 

The first time I shaved his head I was nervous so he started it off for me but I quickly got the hang of it and got upset with him when he continued doing it himself. I don't let him near the clippers anymore. I enjoy making sure all sides of head are even and I especially like shaving close to his neck and around his ears. 

We get around to shaving his head every few weeks. We don't live together so the opportunity just doesn't present itself as much as it will once we get married. 
(I see a heart shape there, can you?)

We shave his head in the backyard so it's easy to sweep up afterward. 

(the aftermath)

Do you cut your man's hair? Does he cut yours? 

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