March 21, 2014

Pit & Peak

I'm linking up with Allie & Jen today for Pit & Peak! 


I feel that by Friday all I have to say is “what a week!” or “it’s been a week!”. I guess with everything going on in my life at the moment they are expected thoughts, right?

Let’s start with the bad stuff before I get into the good things, okay?


O N E – More drama with our realtor. She just cannot get her story straight and it is really driving me insane.

T W O – Thomas had to be up at midnight a couple of nights which meant his sleep schedule was off which meant we didn’t get to talk to each other before bed. L

T H R E E – Because of side jobs that he is getting done I actually haven’t seen Thomas since last Saturday. I don’t like that.

F O U R – I’ve been searching for Pillsbury pie crust so my mommy will make apple pie but it has eluded me! Are they out everywhere?

F I V E – More than usual someone has been getting on my nerves. This is a coworker, so I’ll leave it at that.

S I X – My ribs have been very painful and I have not been doing any lifting so I don’t know why. This is scary since I’m already on the strongest medicine for it.


O N E – I donated blood on Wednesday! Did you know that 1 donation = 1 pint of blood = 3 saved lives? (Also it meant I could eat cookies without feeling guilty!)

T W O – I got some things done for the wedding! The rentals/taco truck will be paid for today and the silverware was purchased. I also got some awesome pintable’s for a couple of games as well as the church.

T H R E E – Those printable’s? They came from an AMAZING blogger that I’ve gotten to know lately – Kerri from

F O U R – I was able to get more things packed! My mom is chugging away at this… I think she’s giving me a hint!

F I V E – I got a GREAT review/evaluation at work!

S I X – I guess this was last week – but we got a raise! It was only 2%, but it’s a bit more money, right?

S E V E N – My doctor e-mailed me back and I now have a plan for my wedding night – honeymoon (a few weeks later). My fiancée likes this one!

E I G H T – I got to join Nora and Tausha for a great raffle! If you haven’t already please go here and join!

More Peaks than Pits! That’s the way it should be! I would have also added as a Peak that Spring began, but it has been spring since November here, so that’s not a fair Peak.

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  1. cant you fire her? or at least switch? our friend fired her realtor because he was total moron and did jackshit.

    and congrats on the great review at work!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I love the pre-made roll-out pie crusts for chicken pot pie...they're with the biscuits/cinnamon rolls in the refrigerated section.
    However, a good pie crust isn't that difficult to make if you're up for trying can't beat homemade :)

  3. Congrats on your raise and great review! So good to get positive feedback from your employer. Can we say a little job security? :)

  4. Hi, Kathy! I'm sorry it took me so long to come visit your blog! I'm sorry you were in pain :(! Hope you're doing much better now! And yay to the raise and great work eval ;).