March 28, 2014

Pit & Peak

I usually write this post up at work but it was a hectic week and I concentrated on some other work. Instead it's Thursday night and I'm watching Hell's Kitchen and bending the hell out of my back to sit in front of my computer. I digress.

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// O N E  - Okay, I sat here for a while trying to think of a pit and couldn't. I wrote out all my peaks and still couldn't think of one. The closest thing to a put this week is that they did the appraisal on Tuesday at 4pm but as of this writing have not heard back. We are supposed to close Escrow on April 5th.


// O N E - I changed my mood around. Although I did start off rough on Monday, I mentally have been making myself change to be positive and it has been working! 

// T W O - I got to eat some yummy beef this week. My dad surprised me on Tuesday with some "asado" and on Wednesday I had similar meal from Flame Broiler with Thomas. 

// T H R E E - When I walked into work on Monday there were two old people sitting in my cubicle. After some coyness my best friend at work admitted she bought them for me over the weekend. She said they reminded her of Thomas and I in 40 years. Look:

// F O U R - I began writing out my name cards for the wedding. This was exciting and made me feel that one step closer to the wedding! 

// F I V E - A co-worker made me some streamers for the wedding (only a tiny bit tacky, but it'll look good - I promise!) and she finished them this week. I'm looking forward to them! 

// S I X - We did a fundraiser at work on Tuesday by selling quesadillas which made me crave quesadillas so I made those Thursday night. Delicious. Oh, and Friday? On Friday we are selling Churros! 

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  1. i'm all for choosing happy. we're the architects of our unhappiness so when we consciously choose happy, we will be :) yay for no pits!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm so glad you were able to turn your mood around and choose to be happier this week! Those old people absolutely freaking crack me up! Too funny!

  3. Those two little old people are so funny!

  4. You should definitely display those little old people in your new home. On a mantle, perhaps (if you have one).

  5. That's the size of Pits list I wanna see every week! Awesome!! :)

  6. Yay! Thank you so much for hanging out with us today! That must've been interesting to walk in and see at work :P


  7. Why doesn't my work sell quesadillas or churros?! Jealous!!