March 13, 2014

Pregnancy Fears

I don’t plan on becoming pregnant for at least another 2 years, but like most women in their late 20s I’m thinking about what it will be like. I’ve never feared pregnancy until this year when I realized that my pain will not be going away. What I didn’t talk about in my post explaining my broken ribs and damaged nerves was that it has resulted in my inability to lift or carry heavy things. While I can work around this on a day to day basis – my fiancée can carry grocery bags, I can use a cart, or have someone help me – the fear I have is what will happen when we do decide to get pregnant.

The medication I take for the pain cannot be used during a pregnancy. At all. I have to go off of it once we decide it is time to become parents. If I’m in pain under maximum dosages of 2 medications what will happen once I have to go off of it for what I imagine will be a year or more (I don’t know if I would have to be off it during breast feeding). There is hope of course. Sometimes the hormones that are produced during pregnancy can help alleviate pain (or so Dr. Miles/Pain tells me).

Sometimes I joke about it and having a surrogate. But that isn’t what I want. I want to carry my own baby and I want to do it without any pain that isn’t directly related to the pregnancy itself. I guess you could say I am disappointed in myself, in my body.

Then, of course, will be the issue of carrying my baby once she or he is born. Even on the medication if I carry something heavy I am left in more pain the next days (depending on how heavy it is and for how long I carried it). Lifting my nephew sometimes triggers it (although he is 5 years old). To that end, though, I’d rather be in pain and be able to hold my child and pick them up when a cuddle is needed than to forgo it all.

Only time will tell.

/end sad post

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  1. acupuncture is a natural way for pain management. and to be honest, when you get pregnant, sometimes the hormones actually work in your favor and eliminate some of the ailments that were causing you pain before. when i got pregnant, my carpal tunnel disappeared. i was already doing acupuncture to treat it but being pregnant accelerated the healing process and it only took me 3 treatments instead of the estimated 6-10.

    so there are natural ways to deal with any pain - acupuncture is one of the ones i fully support. it taps into your body's natural healing and pain management system. i even use acupuncture for relaxation! all you need to do is just find a practitioner that you trust.

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    1. I'll have to try it when and if it happens. I tried acupuncture years ago for other pain but it didn't do anything to help. Unfortunately for me, as well, I am not a stay in one position for a long time type of person. But it will definitely be an option! (Especially since my insurance covers it) Thanks Kathy :)