March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

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Throwback Thursday Stories w/ Peaches in MO

As many of you know I will be moving in… 38 days! This means that my mom has happily began the process of going through the entire house packing everything that belongs to me. While cleaning out a bookcase that she is going to give to me (something sweet of her because it was a book case that she has in use!) she found a notebook that she and my sister kept when I was little.

I’ve seen this book many times before but I never noticed a couple of papers that were taped to the cover. The first one I noticed was my mom’s pregnancy verification. In my line of work I have to ask women who report their pregnancy to submit this same document that my mom got at Planned Parenthood 30 years ago.

It was very weird to see this, but very cool at the same time. It is also weird because I had to go to that same Planned Parenthood a few years ago when I was uninsured (for a pap, FYI). 

Also in the book there was the card that is placed on the crib:

It also included a cute picture of me when I was a baby (but what picture of mine isn't cute?):

In a previous post I spoke about liking my cheeks - well here is a great example of my squeezable cheeks! Looks at those! 

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