March 11, 2014

Tough It Out Tuesday (Week 2)

Tales of a Twenty Something

Well that wasn’t such a good week, was it?

I knew it wouldn’t be a good one because my family was coming to town and that could only mean one thing: FOOD! I come from a family that really likes to eat, especially sweets. Even though both my parents are diabetic they still buy pies and cakes and other sweets on a weekly basis. Usually I can keep back from eating them. But sometimes, sometimes they are too good to pass up. For example, this weekend my dad bought fresh cream puffs (I had only 1!) and pear tart from Trader Joe’s (I had 1/8th of it!). But my mom also made Stouffer’s Five Cheese Lasagna and I had a good amount of that. I had bread dipped in olive oil and Taco Bell’s Cinnabon balls. I had fries and a sandwich from Steak Escape. Not to mention that on Friday I went to that breakfast where I had a lot of bacon. I never eat bacon, so I took advantage.

I’m sure I’m missing something (I also had those darn Peeps!). That is a lot of crappy food to eat in a span of 3 days. It was not really a surprise when my scale gave me a higher than usual number. I would like to add, however, that I am bloated (my rings won’t come off!) so I expect some of that gain to be related to that. I’m not saying it will all be because of the bloating, but maybe a few ounces.

I was supposed to go to a fitting for my wedding dress on Saturday. I cancelled it at the last minute because I know my dress fits. It’s a bight snug (as I’ve mentioned) but I’m not going to pay a boat load of money for them to let it out. It’s also the perfect length.

I am hoping that I can get myself back on track this week now that my family has left. I’m going to stay away from the Girl Scout cookies (yup, I ate several of those, too!) and the sugary cereal, I’ll ignore the rest of that tart and I’ll stick to MyFitnessPal to keep under my calorie goal (1200 is so low!). Then, I’ll try my dress on again on Saturday and see how it fits. I think that at this point I will need to try the dress on weekly to ensure that I remember that I can’t gain any weight until after the dress comes off.

I am going to have to get creative, however. I need to trick myself into drinking more water so that I can feel a bit fuller and not want to snack between meals during the day at work. When I lost 20lbs previously it had a lot to do with me drinking a lot of tea. It made me use the bathroom a lot but it also made me feel full so a low-calorie fruit between meals kept me satisfied. At my current job the office is kept pretty warm so drinking a hot liquid is not something I want to do. I suppose, however, that being a bit hot for a little while is worth losing the weight I have to lose for the wedding. I can always turn on a fan, right?

Thomas’ parents invited us to dinner on Tuesday and this doesn’t always end up well for me (as I mentioned last week). Luckily they are taking us to a seafood restaurant and I HATE seafood so I might be able to stick to a salad (dressing on the side!) or something else that is a healthy option (I like shrimp, that’s healthy and low in calorie, right?)

Going into this post I thought I would be complaining and giving excuses, but I think I balanced it out with my own encouragement to get on track.

47 days left until the big day!

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  1. 1) don't use MFP caloric target - they quote that to EVERYONE and 1200 is so incredibly low just to sustain. instead, calculate your own caloric intake and adjust your settings in MFP to reflect that one: read all the links and follow the instructions.

    2) you are hungry between meals because of the 1200 calorie count. i am 5'4 and even when i first started - i was heavy and had zero fitness/activity, 1200 was way too low for me.

    3) buy one of those mondo giant water bottles that have the measurements on the side. bring that to work/everywhere with you. target to fill that up twice a day and use that as your daily goal. once your body adjusts to that, aim to fill it 3x/day.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I lived by that BMI site when I lost the 20 lbs before. I would go and check my BMR and BMI every time I change weight, even an ounce!!! 1275 would be my calorie intake need using the formulas.It's a bit more, but I like to keep the goal on MFP to 1200 because I know I can go over and be okay (since when I complete my day it'll still show weight loss in the next 5 weeks). I wish it were true that it was because of the 1200 calories that I'm hungry :( Then I can solve it somehow - I think I'm just antsy and suffer from working behind a desk and wanting to munch on something. Next week I'm going to post about what my eating habits are daily.

    When I move in less than two months I'm going to get the water bottle!!! Right now I drink bottled water because I am a water snob and LA tap water is not drinkable (to me!) but once my fiancee and I move in we're going to get the 5 gallon bottles and I'll bring more water to work (Well, I have a lo of water now, I just don't drink it).

    Thanks for the advice Kathy!!! (great name, btw!)

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    1. Yay! Thanks for stopping by! Going to check your page out when I get home!

  4. You got this and what better inspiration than getting married HOW EXCITING! I really need to get back on track, Ive been slacking and the excuses have been never ending

    1. I know what you mean! It's so easy to say you'll do it tomorrow and what's one more cookie. But if you want it you have to do it and get your head in the game lol good luck and thanks for stopping by!