March 9, 2014

Weekend Recap!

Wowwee! It was a busy weekend! I haven't spoken of them on here yet, but something to know about me is that I am a very proud aunt. I have three nieces and a nephew. Two of my nieces live in the Bay Area (11 and 9) and my other niece (9) and nephew (5) live basically in the same place I'm living in now (and I'm moving a block away). I was 17 when my eldest niece was born and I fell in love with being an aunt the moment I met Mika. She was my princess from the moment I held her in my arms. Mika, along with my other nieces and nephew all have very special places in my heart and they have been just about my entire world for the past 12 years. 

(taken this past Friday night)

I get to see Mika and Camila a couple of times a year when either I go up and visit or they come down to stay a week or so. When I was younger I would spend more time at their house, but with age came a full time job that did not give me summer vacations. They still sometimes come down to Los Angeles for a visit for one reason or another. 

This past weekend my sister had to come to Los Angeles for the California Democratic Convention (she is on the Dem Committee) so they stayed at my parents house (my house for another 48 days!). They came in on Thursday evening by train (with my sister, their dad drove down that night) and stayed until after lunch on Sunday. It was nice for them to be here and for not only me to get to spend time with them, but for them to see and spend time with their cousins. 

As you can imagine it was a crazy few days. While our house is decent in size, we had about 9 people here at all times which made things... just slightly crazy. While my two northern nieces had Friday off from school for their trip, Jonathan and Nikki (my local loves) still had school (although by coincidence they had minimum days all week). Friday morning while I went to work, Camila walked her cousins to school:

(Nikki, Jonathan, Camila)

That night the kids' school hosted their annual Starry Night event. The school gets some astronomers from Griffith Observatory to bring their telescopes to the school so the kids can take a look at different things. This year we got to see Jupiter, the moon and its craters, as well as some baby stars. When Mika was looking through the telescope and the astronomer was talking about the cloud Mika told him "that looks like a nebula" - she blew him away! We also enjoyed some quesadillas and burritos. 

Saturday morning the girls, my mom, and myself headed out to the mall. Mika and Camila don't go out shopping as much as Nikki does with us, so when they come to visit we always take them out. I was able to get Mika some tights she wanted. We were supposed to get my fitting for my wedding dress done, but we were exhausted and couldn't make it to the appointment time. But we had to go to the bridal store to exchange Mika's dress. While I ordered the same size dress that she has tried on at the store the one we were given was too small. Because of this she had to try on different dresses because the one we had purchased would not be available in time for the wedding. Luckily she found another one she really loved! (I wish I had taken a picture!)

After going to get some ice cream we headed home. We had been e-mailed the results of the home inspection for the condo Thomas and I are buying so I spent some time reviewing it and then typing up the things that need to be fixed (more on that later). After I finished that I took the girls out to the community pool area where I gave them gel manicures. I do have pictures of this, but a post of its' own will be coming soon. 

The evening was spent by eating some grilled chicken at my brothers' house and playing around before coming home and watching some Netflix before going to sleep. The first night I had slept with Mika, the 2nd with Camila and Jonathan. The last night was supposed to be with Nikki, but the other girls didn't want to leave my bedroom, so Mika pulled up the toddler mattress we have left over to the foot of my bed, Nikki slept in bed with me, and Camila went to sleep at on the soft chest that is usually at the foot of my bed. Sometime in the middle of the night Camila transferred herself into bed with Nikki and myself, which made for an interest night (I only have a full size bed!). 

Sunday was just a relaxing morning watching Netflix, cuddling, and talking before they had to take off for their 5+ hour drive home. Although there were hiccups during the trip with fights between one person or another, it was a great weekend and I am so happy I got to spend time with my girls for one last time before I get married. They will be come back down for the wedding, but of course I will be much busier then! 

After they left I rested while Thomas went and was measured for his tux for the wedding. (The lady at the tux place recommended he get a white tie! WHITE! To go with his black tux and white shirt! He will have to call them back and get them to change it to Malibu Blue). Afterward I went over to his place so that we could go over the things that need to be fixed in the condo and catch up on some TV shows. 

A great weekend all in all. 

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  1. how adorable! huge sleepovers where everyone piles into a room are so much fun! i still remember the good times i had with my cousins. of course, no one got any real sleep but the memories are amazing.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda