March 5, 2014

Wednesday Confessional!

When I saw this Link Up from Kathy (what a great name!) at Vodka & Soda I knew I had to participate, after all it’s another chance for me to talk about myself. Also I get the feeling I have a lot of things I should be confessing! Here we go…

  1. I confess that I am obsessed with Peeps. Mostly the bunnies but I’ll eat the chicks as well. I don’t know why. I’ve eaten enough of them that I can taste a difference between the yellow, pink, and blue peeps. Blue does not taste as good as pink. I think I have a problem. Every time I buy a package I tell myself that it’ll be my last one but it’s a lie, always a lie. I buy more and more. I need to stop. They stop selling them after Easter, right? And yes, I am eating a blue Peep Bunny as I type this.
  2. I confess that I tend to eavesdrop and offer my opinion in things that are not involving me. I do this at work a lot. In my line of work there is always something that a person doesn’t know and has to ask for clarification. I sit next to my supervisor (and one of the best in the entire office so many people come to her) and I often interject myself into their conversation. I shouldn’t do this because I’ve been getting a feeling that people don’t like that.
  3. I confess that even though I am trying to lose 5 pounds in order to fit into my wedding dress a bit better (it fits, just a tiny bit tight) I eat Peeps and am not counting calories like I should. I come up with excuse after excuse. I’ve been stressed out with trying to buy a home (as I’ve posted about) and so trying to diet and buy a house has obviously not worked well for me. But this is purely an excuse and I should be able to take care of my weight. Bright side I’m not gaining any weight!
  4. I confess that I get tired of being the one that has to organize all the birthday celebrations at work. I want to make my co-workers feel nice, but I don’t like organizing events or decorating.
  5. I confess that I'm afraid that my attempt at blogging and being social will fail even though I am trying my best to be a good blogger. 
  6. I confess that I'm not good at having posts ready to post in the morning but I am creating a calendar to keep track of link-ups so that I can be better at posting these link-ups on time!

Those are it for today. I had a busy day at work, which is where I do most of my blog writing (I guess that is a confession as well, right?) so many of my confessions slipped out of my mind for the moment. Happy Hump Day!

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  1. ha! i love this!! at first, i thought you meant "peeps" as in the slang version of "people" and then i got confused about you liking to eat peeps. i still dont know what that is so i'll be googling that after this comment.

    thanks for linking up!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda