April 15, 2014

Hey! It's okay....

It’s okay….

… that I don’t do anything moving related Monday night and just go to sleep.

… that I’m a bit sad that my mom isn’t home, and in the hospital with my sister.

… that although we spent 3 hours looking at furniture with a sales lady and then only bought 4 things.

… that I bought a new car battery this weekend even though mine wasn’t completely dead.

… that I’m not trying to lose weight and instead just enjoying food and celebrations in the days leading up to my wedding.

… if I get sad and anxious about moving out. This will be my first time on my own and will be a challenge. I already miss my mom, and it doesn’t help that she’s not home now.

… that sometimes I take a lot of breaks at work and chit chat with coworkers (including my supervisor).

… that blogging (both reading and writing) have had to wait because searching for furniture and being with my sister have taken a front seat.

Airing My Dirty Laundry
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  1. Enjoy your new place!

    And that's okay, family comes before blogging.

  2. It's totally okay that life beats out blogging, I'd do the same!! :)

  3. It's totally okay! I love these things. xx, Elizabeth