April 14, 2014

Monday Morning Rewind

Wow. It has been a weekend. Crazy busy. Let's recap!


Friday, as you may have read, was the day we got the keys to our new home. We were supposed to close a week earlier but because of loan issues we had to extend it a bit. I am SO happy that the whole process is over with. I learned a lot of about home buying AND I know what to do when we buy our next home in several years (after having kids). 

Thomas and I went to the agent's office during our lunch on Friday and got our keys and enjoyed a lunch out nearby. I had delicious ribs! Yum! Then after work we met at his house with my mom and his parents as well as the handy man that might be doing some work in our place. At one point my mom told me to move the fridge back to see how dirty it was underneath. my friend was going to come pick it up on Saturday and so we would be disconnecting it the next morning. I moved it, unplugged it, and the handyman tried to turn the water off so that we could disconnect the water for the fridge. The knob broke off in his hand! He was unable to fix it, so later that night I contacted a plumber who scheduled an appointment to come out on Saturday morning. 

Thomas' mom on the left, mine on the right.

After we were done doing some initial cleaning and the like, my mom and I headed out to do some shopping at Target for cleaning supplies we didn't yet have and other essentials. 


Our plumber had said he'd be at the condo by 9am on Saturday morning, so I woke up early to be there half an hour or more before then. My mom and I used the supplies we had purchased on Friday night to do some more cleaning. While the place was left in pretty decent shape, there are still dirty doors, shelves, counters, etc that need a once over to leave a bit better.

The plumber arrived around 9:15am, followed by the bed delivery people (Sleep Number is the way to go!) at 10am and minutes later by my friend who came to pick up the refrigerator that came with the unit. For about 30 minutes the house (I use the term "house" and "condo" interchangeably, it is not in fact a house, but a condo - but I can't help myself) was crazy! My friend brought her 5 year old son with her and he was a riot! I hadn't met him before (she is a work friend) and I just fell in love with him. 

The bed was set up quickly and were out within 20 minutes. It took longer for my friend to get the fridge out. While my mom and I stayed with her Thomas stayed with the plumber. Thankfully the plumber was able to fix the problem we called him about as well as a few other things that were on our inspection list. We have to schedule an appointment for them to come out again to finish working on things he wasn't able to get to that day. 

Once he was done and everyone else had finished, Thomas headed back to his parents place and my mom and I headed out to do some more shopping at the Dollar Tree for the house, and then use up $30 I had in coupons at JC Penney (I got an adorable iPad holder for the kitchen for when I'm cooking!). We had lunch at the mall and some Cinnabon (yum!) before heading to JoAnn's and Wal*Mart for wedding related shopping (I needed more tulle for pew bows as well as the cake topper, score on both ends - plus I got a sash that says Bride To Be!). As we were leaving Wal*Mart I got a call from Sears saying that they were running early and if they could come deliver the fridge right then. Yes! 

They had scheduled the delivery between 3:30pm and 5:30pm, but they got there before the beginning time! The same thing happened earlier in the day with the bed. Actually, the only person who was late was the plumber! I won't hold that against him, though. 

After the fridge was taken care of I took my mom home, fed my nieces hamster, and then went to pick Thomas up so we could take a look at furniture. We had gone a week or so prior, but now we actually could buy! We started with Macy's where we saw a couch we liked but we weren't sure about buying it just yet. It was different than what I was expecting to have. As we left we stopped at another store which was above our price range (and had nothing we liked) and then stopped at Jamba Juice. 

This is the bad part of the day. 

So that I could look up other furniture stores Thomas went into the store to get our drinks. I turned the car off but left the key turned so that I could keep my phone plugged in, since it was running in the yellow at this point in the afternoon. When he came back about 10 minutes later my car wouldn't start. You could hear it trying to but it just couldn't. I started to freak out because it didn't sound like it was a battery issue, and therefore sounded expensive. Luckily it was just a battery issue and $110 later I had a new battery and we were on our way. After another short stop at an overly price furniture store, we arrived at Ashley's Furniture. 

This is where we spent the next 2 1/2 hours. We went back and forth, back and forth on what we wanted. And to make this already long story not too much longer, we left without buying anything because I still had to drive to the hospital with my mom and it was already 8:30pm. 

My mom and I arrived at the hospital around 9:30pm. My sister looked very uncomfortable and unhappy. She cannot communicate well, if at all so it was hard to figure out what was going on. We were able to get them to give her some more pain medication as well as a sedative so that she could be more comfortable. Which seemed to help a bit. At least it helped enough so that my mom and I could go to the cafeteria (which is thankfully open until midnight) and get some dinner. 

I knew that I was going to stay at the hospital I just really underestimated how hard the floor actually was. I brought a blanket and pillow, but I think the blanket would have been better off under me and not over. My mom took a picture of me early on Sunday morning...


Since we were in the hospital my mom and I were up early (before 6!) and on our way to Starbucks (inside the hospital!) to have some breakfast. I began reading blogs/talking with Thomas while I drank my hot chocolate. I couldn't take my hot chocolate into the ICU room so I had to burn some time until I finished it. (Man, I need to work on summarizing!). 

The next few hours were spent with my sister, talking to the nurses and doctors that came into her room as well as blogging (some) and furniture searching (a lot). My dad finally arrived and my brother called me on Skype from Spain. Soon, after eating in the cafeteria again while my sister was being tested, my mom and I headed back home. Since Thomas and I had left the furniture store with items half purchased we had to go back. This is where LA sucks... middle of the day on a Sunday and the traffic was bumper to bumper. I get off the freeway to take the boulevard that runs alongside it (through the mountains) and it is jammed because they closed it for construction. What should have taken about 30-40 minutes, took over an hour. *sigh*

Can someone remind me I'm not writing a novel? Is anyone still reading this? I promise there isn't much left!

My mom and I stopped at the condo to measure before meeting Thomas at the furniture store. After more back and forth, me getting frustrated in part because of a lack of sleep, we came out with only purchasing a couch, coffee table, and dining room set. The rest will wait. Although, we had found a kitchen table for $150 on Craigslist, and Thomas snatched that up later on Sunday and it is now in our new home! 

My mom ran an errand to Kohl's and Target, but I was exhausted and my mom wasn't feeling well (she took her blood sugar and was at 49!) so we headed home soon afterward. I met Thomas at the condo late on Sunday to help him unload the table and then came home to go to sleep... where I wrote this post late into the night. Why is it not online until Monday night? Because I'm too tired to post the few pictures I actually have. 

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  1. What a weekend! But just think, you're all the more closer to being married and in your new home! And that much closer to having things go back to normal too!

  2. Lots of ups and downs. So excited for you to have those new house keys :)

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend! How exciting though to be moved in - congrats! Thanks for linking up for MMG :)

  4. Congrats on moving in! Sounds like a crazy weekend though. xx, Elizabeth