April 10, 2014

Pet Peeves

I had written down a note to myself to write about my Pet Peeves, then I saw that ______________ posted about just that!

I am going to assume the reason pet peeves have been on my mind is because I have been quite stressed out lately. Being in escrow and finalizing a wedding is stressful business. This week has been crazy escrow wise and I’ve noticed myself thinking about the things that bother me. Some of these really shouldn’t bother me, others are maybe ok. You can decide!

O N E – This one has bothered me for many years. It probably shouldn’t, but it does. I live in the City of Los Angeles. Our utility bills go to Los Angeles City, the Los Angeles city Firefighters show up when my dad gets sick, Los Angeles Police Department comes when a car gets broken into. However I do live in a suburb of the city of Los Angeles (how many times can I say Los Angeles in on paragraph?) which is called Chatsworth. Chatsworth used to be its own city about 100 years ago, but currently it is part of Los Angeles. There are tens of these suburbs in the city, each with its own name. Doing this makes it easier to tell others were you live since the city is such a HUGE place (503 sq mi!). Saying “I live in Los Angeles” might be a good thing to say when you are talking to a stranger on a train somewhere across the country, but when you’re talking to someone else who lives in Los Angeles that statement will mean just about nothing. Thus the need for the suburb names. So what is my pet peeve after that long winded intro? When people say that I live in the “city of Chatsworth.” I do NOT!

T W O – I have social anxiety. I don’t do well in parties and in general socializing beyond work related things. When I have to go to parties or get togther’s (and Thomas’ family does this often) I get very anxious. People tend to tell me to “get over it” or “relax” or that I don’t appear to have social anxiety at all. Just because it’s not a broken leg that you can visually see does not mean it doesn’t exist. It manifests differently in each person. Telling me any of those things does not help, it only annoys me and gives me more anxiety (after all, now they are judging me).

T H R E E – Loud people. I work in a call center, luckily in individual cubicles. Even though we have our own private space voices travel and there are some people that are much louder than others. I admit that sometimes I get loud, generally when a participant is being rude/yelling at me or making me repeat myself for the zillionth time. There are some people that are ALWAYS loud. No matter what, every single call they get, their voice can be heard several rows away. Get a grip! Be considerate of your co-workers and lower your voice. The person on the other end of the phone can hear you just find through the phone you don’t have to yell across the city (or suburb as it may be).

F O U R –  Drivers. I walk my niece and nephew to school in the morning. We have to cross a busy intersections (twice) and this lets us witness many bad/annoying drivers. There are a couple of different ones that really irk me: a) drivers who stop at a red light inside the crosswalk. The cross walk is clearly marked yellow which signifies that there is a school nearby, in this instance the school is on the busy street and clearly visible – also these are people who drive by every morning, it’s not something new. You know that traffic gets backed up so stop behind the line and if you are then able to cross the intersection, do so! But don’t stop in the crosswalk blocking kids from being able to get to school. b) I very much dislike it and am annoyed when I’m in the left turn lane (without an arrow light) and the person in front of me does not move up to make the left turn. Staying back can cause me or others behind the person to miss the left turn. This is especially annoying if it is a really busy intersection with long wait times (like the one by the school).

F I VE  - People who lie to you and it is so obvious that they are lying because the proof is right in front of you. Just stop. Admit that you are wrong, you’ll look better than blaming others. Along these lines are people who change their story in a single day or two.

S I X -  I read this on Kathy’s Blog (VODKA & SODA) and I was like “YES! THAT!”. I think about it every time that I go to the bathroom at work! If there are 9 stalls in the bathroom and I’m in one of them why do you chose to go into the one right next to mine? All the other ones are empty! Leave a space in between, please!

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  1. hahaha! All of these! I couldn't agree more, although instead of Los Angeles, for me it would be Charlotte. :p And that bathroom thing... WHY? Why do people go into the one right next to you? I'll never understand people like that!

  2. There is NO reason to choose the stall next to someone unless there are only two or all the other ones are occupied.

    I hate when people tell me to RELAX.

  3. I could write a book on how many things annoy me while driving!!! Plus the bathroom stall thing - it's like they're trying to be weird?

  4. I agree with a lot of these! I also can get social anxiety. And drivers usually piss me off daily.

  5. Number two is totally me! It's really frustrating, so I'm right there with you. xx, Elizabeth