April 10, 2014

Pit & Peak Friday

If you read my Twitter feed and Instagram you know that I had a pretty bad week. But There are some peaks I could find:


/ /  ONE – On Monday morning (read: way before the sun comes up) my parents had to rush my sister to the ER because of extreme abdominal pain. We found out later that this is due to a hole in the intestines where she had the surgery (possible negligence from that surgeon?). The hold caused fecal matter to enter her abdomen and gave her an infection.

/ / TWO – The hospital my sister was at was not up to doing the surgery she needed and decided to transfer her to Cedars Sinai Medical Center (aka Celebrity and Rich People hospital) – which is where she had her kidney transplant nearly 8 years ago. The transfer was not easy and took nearly 2 days. My dad had to go to Cedars and threaten legal action for things to start moving.

/ / THREE – Because she had just had surgery on 3/28/14 when they went back into see what was going on,on Tuesday night (about 10pm) they were only able to clean out the fecal matter that had accumulated in her abdomen and actually locate the hole it was coming from. They were not able to fix it and had to put a tube in it to drain anything else.

/ / FOUR – She now has a fairly large infection caused by all the bacteria that spread in her abdomen. She is immunosuppressed because of her kidney transplant so this is pretty severe and hard to handle. She is on antibiotics but her white blood cell count is high.

/ / FIVE – She had to have a blood transfusion because of the blood loss from surgery and because they have kept her abdomen open because they will have to go back in for a third time (the 2nd attempt on Thursdaymorning showed she is still too sensitive to try and fix the problem)

/ / SIX – My mom and I were at the hospital all night Tuesday and didn’t get any sleep until 6am on Wednesday. I then napped only a tiny bit until I went to sleep past 10pm on Wednesday night. I have pretty bad bags under my eyes. I hope they either leave or make up can fix them for the wedding.

/ / SEVEN – Speaking of the wedding, 99% chance that she will not be at the wedding. The way it is looking now she will probably still be in the hospital.


/ / ONE – Skype rocks, so even if my sister is unable to come to the wedding we can do a Skype call so she can witness it.

/ / TWO – Since she is intubated and will remain so until they close her abdomen, they are keeping her on strong pain medication that keeps her asleep and calm. This in turn allows my parents to go sleep in a bed at night. We got a hotel for my dad to go to close to the hospital. Although we only live 30 miles from the hospital, we live in LA, so traffic makes that over an hour commute (maybe even two!)

/ / THREE -  She is at the best hospital she could ever be at. They are a transplant center and so if anything goes wrong with the kidney she will be in the best of hands. The care that the nurses and doctors there provide is top notch. They explain everything to us and listen to our questions. They treat us as friends and family not as patients. AMAZING. The facility is also great. The cafeteria is big, serves good food, and is open until midnight. There is a Starbucks that is open from 4am until about 11pm.

/ / FOUR – I was able to finish my name tags for the wedding this week! So excited about this!

/ / FIVE -  I am almost done with the pew bows and just have to buy more tulle to make 7 more.

/ / SIX – Thomas and I got our marriage certificate/license on Wednesday! We are half married, I guess?

/ / SEVEN – At 12:30pm pacific time TODAY I will be picking up the keys to our condo! It got funded on Thursday and it is ours!!

/ / EIGHT – Because my sister is comfortable and sedated my mom is able to help me with my wedding and the new house (I know this may sound selfish, but it is a relief for us. My mom would want to be with her if she were awake, but she also wants to help me and be with me through this).

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  1. Get all the rest you can this weekend, lady. All that pressure and worry isn't good on anyone. Happy 1/2 marriage - hah!

  2. Awww sending lots of good thoughts to you! Hope next week is full of peaks!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that about your sister! I really hope things start getting better. Sending lots of good vibes your way. xx, Elizabeth