April 4, 2014

Pit & Peak!

It hasn’t been too much of an eventful week, but I have had a few things to share.

PITS / /

  • My mom had to spend her birthday, Monday, in the hospital with my sister.
  • My sister spent most of her birthday, Tuesday, in it as well. She was released that afternoon, thought.
  • We found out that although we tried to avoid a bogus fee our realtor has attempted to charge us she went behind our backs to make sure we pay it ($325). I am very pissed off about this.
  • The appraisal for our condo came in LOW. Initially it came in at $17k under what we are paying for the home. They had made some mistakes so they re-calculated it and brought it up, but it’s still $10k under what the original purchase price was (see peaks!)
  • I think I’m getting sick. This is not a good time to get sick. I have the itchies on my throat and I have the very beginning of  a cough. Lots of Vitamin C for me.

  • My mom was happy with the cheesecake and flowers I took to the hospital for her birthday. I didn’t want her to not have something on her day! She turned 70!
  • We got a discount of $2k off the purchase price of our home because of the appraisal. We still have to pay an additional $8k in the down payment, but on the bright side that means that we will be paying about $50 less each month in our mortgage payment. So yay for silver linings!
  • We are that much closer to closing on the property! We should get the loan documents in on Monday and have the keys by mid-week. Which is good because I already scheduled our bed to be delivered on the 12th and our new fridge on the 11th!
  • My niece and nephew were both accepted into the magnet school program for LAUSD. I went to a magnet school for middle and high school and am happy they got in!
  • I went to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants on Monday with my co-workers. (The pit to this is that I ate way too much!)
  • 22 days until my wedding! We are almost in the teens! OMG!
  • I started working on my party favors this week. They are looking super cute! That will be a post one day.
  • I also started working on my seating chart. It’s very rough at this point and I’m planning on working on it with Thomas this weekend. So far it is on the computer but I’m going to use sticky notes and a poster board to look at it and make decisions.
  • Sunday is the date I put to have RSVPs back. I’m only missing 7 RSVPs which should be for a total of 12-13 people. This will bring my total to 65 people, 10 below where I thought we would be which is good because of space problems. However it also means I might add someone to my list. This isn’t really a PEAK per se, but I wanted to write it.

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  1. 22 more days, wow! Things are getting so close! Happy weekend!

  2. I'm a big believer in cheesecake being the answer to anything that needs cheering up! :)

  3. That's great news about your house!!

    22 days!! Time is flying!