April 18, 2014

Pit & Peak

This week ended up being… okay, I guess.

PIT / /

/ / My sister is still in the hospital and in the ICU and there really doesn’t seem to be any progress – things are just the same.

/ / I broke my thumbnail! Usually this isn’t a big deal but since I’m getting married in 8 days…well, sort of a big deal! They’ll have to put an acrylic on it and I really didn’t want to. Oh well. Oh, and I have 2 pretty nasty hangnails.

/ / I’m still home alone. My mom has been at the hospital since Monday and I miss her. I know it is selfish, but I want my mommy with me. My last few days as a single woman living at home… well I’m living by myself. My brother and family come home tonight (I’ll be picking them up from LAX) so it won’t be so quiet anymore, but it is still not the same.

/ / With the stress and lack of sleeping well this past week, my ribs have been aching more than usual and there is no fix to that.


/ / I had an amazing bridal shower thrown for me at work! I’ll be posting about that in detail, but here is a preview:

/ / We were able to start moving things into our condo. Basically it’s very slow. We bought a used kitchen table for $150 off Craigslist and a couch, dining room table, and coffee table at Ashely’s Furniture.

/ / I was very excited to be able to start putting things around the house, even though it was just toilet paper and soap. It’s mine! (Okay, ours…)

/ / I got a lot done for the wedding this week: confirmed with the caterers, the make-up/hair people, sending off the check for the church, figuring out a final seating chart, and probably a lot more.

/ / We got windows! Actually, we met with one company on Tuesday and another on Wednesday and made a final decision. We should have windows installed before summer starts! Also… I think we got a pretty decent deal ($5k for 3 windows and a patio sliding door).

/ / I sent out my Thank You’s for my 1st bridal shower! Only a couple of weeks later. That’s good, right? Hopefully I can do the same for my wedding, but I’m thinking that’ll wait until after the honeymoon. That’s okay, I think?

/ / It’s FRIDAY! My niece and nephew come home and get to check out my place!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I hope your sister feels better! Yay for getting married so soon though! Don't worry about your thumb. The wedding will be amazing, perfect thumbnail or not :) And you can totally wait until after the honeymoon for the wedding thank you cards!

  2. Happy Friday - looking forward to the full round up of your bridal shower at work!! :)

  3. Aww I wish your sister would get better and you'd have your mom home. Yay for a fun work bridal shower!

  4. I really hope your sister starts feeling better soon. But I'm glad that you had a lovely bridal shower. Just relax and enjoy it all! xx, Elizabeth