April 7, 2014

Ten Favorite Things: Blogging

It's time again for Brianna's Ten Favorite Things link up! This month the topic is blogging. My initial thought was: only ten? 

ONE / /  Releasing my stress. I've brought this up a couple of times lately, and it is so true. I feel like I've been a lot less stressed in the past month or so since I began Him & Her. I've been nicer to Thomas and to myself. 

TWO / / Meeting new people! I am not good at making friends. I don't usually fit in very well so being able to meet people through the web and get to know them well has been great. I met my fiancee on Craigslist, so I tend to do better meeting and talking to people online and then in person. I hope to have a Blate soon! Anyone in Los Angeles?

THREE / / Designs. I love them. I have always admired them but never wanted to put money into them. When I've had blogs previously I've ignored them because I didn't like the way it looked. Because of everything that was going with me I felt like I needed to put money into my blog, and so far it has been great. 

FOUR / / Reading. I love to read. I grew up across the street from a library and spent a lot of time there. Reading blogs about other peoples' lives and their experiences... living vicariously through their writings, it makes me happy. I can move away from my own life and spend some time in theirs. Is that creepy?

FIVE / / Talk about myself! Like most people I love talking about myself. I love telling stories of things that happened to me, my opinions, and just what is going on with me. Most people IRL do not appreciate this much talking about myself, blogging is the perfect outlet for me!

SIX / / Feedback! After talking about myself I love having people talk about me! Okay, that's not completely true, but it is nice for the ego that people will read what you say about yourself and then go on and say something back. I am pretty sure you would all agree with this, yes?

SEVEN / / Organized. I've always dreamt of having a job or life in which I really needed a calendar and had to be organized. So far... haven't had that much. I was a substitute teacher for a few years but it didn't give me the fulfillment that I was looking for. As a receptionist I didn't have many responsibilities. My current job, which I enjoy very much, stays at work when I go home. With blogging I can keep a calendar and keep notes and write down ideas. Just what I've been wanting to do. 

EIGHT / /  Raffles! I've won a few things in my life, but in the month I started my blog and following other blogs daily I've won TWO raffles. One for a calendar and some sponsorships and the other for a print. I am still waiting for the calendar, but I am so very much looking forward to it! (see number seven!) I can't wait to see the print as well to put in our new home! 

NINE / / Exposure. Reading so many blogs exposes me to new recipes, websites, ideas, and so much more. I cannot tell you how many great ideas I've gotten thanks to blogging. I know many would say that that's what Pinterest is for but because I don't see myself as crafty and because my data plan sucks at work where I spend most of my time, I don't go on there often. But I do spent tons of time reading blogs. 

TEN / / Desk! My mind is completely on my new home (I'm writing this just after going to the final walkthrough, 4 days before we get the keys!) and so I have to say that blogging will be the only reason that I will get a desk where I can keep my laptop (and possibly a desktop as well), calendar, and other supplies (which OMG I love). No blog would mean I'll keep my laptop on my bed like I do now. 

What are you're top 10 favorite things about blogging? Do you agree or disagree with any of mine? Go on over to Endlessly Beloved for the link up! 

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  1. I agree with all of them. Great post girl
    (here from the link up)

  2. Its true it's always great to get opinions and feedback about what you write about. It's great to have such a great community to connect with others.

  3. I agree with the feedback! it is so important I think to be able to grow as a blogger and writer. I think that the exposure piece is also important because there is just so much out there that you might not be able to experience!

  4. Completely agree.. I love reading other blogs, i love reading the comments that the readers leave me. :) And I love that it is relaxing and de-stressing, for the most part.. heheh..

    Stopping by from the link-up. :)
    Adri @ Adri's Thoughts

  5. I'm a blog design addict too! I love looking at all of the beautiful designs!