April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: First Kiss

(and ON Thursday this time!)

While you are reading this… I’m getting ready for my wedding! (Have I spoken too much about my wedding?).

Today’s topic is First Kiss. I remember mine… and then being told how to be a better kisser. But it was done in a good way.

I didn’t go on my first date (and have my first kiss) until I was well past my 21st birthday. I was the opposite of a social butterfly in high school (and now) mostly due to my social anxieties. But I finally got my courage up and began using dating sites (including Craigslist!). I met Aaron on the latter and after chatting online and over the phone for a while, we finally set a date to see a movie and walk around IKEA. (Yes, I know. Ikea. Don’t judge.)

I can’t quite remember the movie right now… I think it had Jim Carrey in it possibly. But it was in the midst of the movie that he leaned in for that first kiss. Not as romantic as some, I imagine. I’m not sure if I asked him how I did, but I’m pretty sure I had told him that I had never been on a date before or kissed anyone. He was great about all of it. He was sweet and gentle and very nice with me. I think he made my entering into the dating game much easier than if I had gone out with others (and I went on A LOT of dates in my lifetime, thank GOD that is over with!).

I’m glad my last kisses will be with Thomas, though. His still make my heart melt, especially when he initiates them.  

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  1. And you get your first married kiss soon!!

  2. Awwww so sweet!
    First married kiss in a couple of daysssss!!!!

  3. Aww, that's so sweet! I remember my less than amazing first kiss as well, 16 years old in the back of his brother's crappy camaro before they dropped me off from a double date. Priceless. ;) Congrats again on getting married! xx, Elizabeth