April 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - FREAK OUT edition!

Although I wrote this about a week in advance of the posting date everything I write is true about today and… well, today? You get my point!

I may be starting to really freak out about this whole Wedding thing. As of today (today as in the day this is being posted) I am THREE days away from my wedding. As in 72 hours! Ahh!

About a week ago I began to get worried. While I did get all the big things taken care of, I began to worry about the details. And it’s ALLLL in the details, right? Here is an example of my thought process..

  • Where are we going to walk in from?
  • Will there be room for all the tables?
  • Where will the cake go? Will it melt? Can we move it without dropping it?
  • WHO is going to put the tables together? (THIS WAS HUGE! Read below!)
  • Will people find their seats? Will people care that there are assigned seats?
  • Will I be making blue raspberry Jello shots (like these from my work bridal shower) the day before?
  • Will the wax I get tonight make me red and ugly for the wedding? Should I skip it?

And on and on and on…

I had been under the impression that there was going to be someone there in the morning to set up the tables. Thomas had been telling me that we cannot set things up on Friday and they should be set up the day of.  By having things set up I mean all the linens/decorations/etc. The tables WILL be set up on Friday morning so I can make sure that all the chairs will fit and I don’t have to re-do the seating chart the same day.

The day I realized that the person who I thought was going to set it up wasn’t… well, it wasn’t a great night. It stressed me out because now I had to figure out how to get the tables set up with the tables clothes, diamonds, center pieces, etc, etc. After being more pissed off than I should have been, I decided that I would just ask my sister, brother-in-law and maid of honor to take care of it on Saturday morning. This works well, also, because it means that I can yell at them if it is not done the way I expect it to.  But I’m sure that they will do it perfectly. 

Part of my great worry about the tables and when they get set up is that I won’t get to see the tables until after people start… messing with them (ie: eating tacos and chips and salsa on them). I want to see the tables being beautiful and the only way will be through photographs, so the tables have to be set up early so that the photographer can take pictures in the morning prior to the reception. What I wanted was to rope off the tables so that I can see them as they were, but Thomas refuses to let this be because he wants to make sure everyone gets a place to sit if they want to. This, even as I write this, is giving me heartache. I just know that the tables will be messy, with dirty plates/cups before I get to see the way they look.

But… I’ll leave it to that because I don’t want to get into more detail about the arguments. Hopefully it will be perfect and I’ll see great looking tables when I arrive to the party. I am sad, though, because a coworker spent a lot of time making a rope to separate the tables which we now won’t be using.

I think I’ve done pretty well at figuring everything out and getting things where they are supposed to be… but I’m still afraid of things failing. I guess I’ll find out… in just THREEEEEE DAYS!!!!!

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  1. It'll be so amazing! Three days will fly by and then I get to see the photos of your beautiful dress (eek!!)

  2. So. Freakin. Excited.

    I can't wait to see pictures!

  3. It'll all be worth it in the end! xx, Elizabeth