April 7, 2014

Weekend Recap - April 6, 2014

I'm a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! Sunday was Thomas' 29th birthday and we now the same age! For six months until I turn 3-0 in October. 

We are almost there, guys! We are 19 days (nineTEEN!) away from our wedding and THREE from being given the keys to our new home! This weekend included a lot of home and wedding planning and boy am I tired! I'm also so happy about all the things that we got done! 

FRIDAY // My brother and his family were leaving for Spain on Saturday morning so I spent Friday evening with my niece and nephew. We watched some TV, cuddled, and then the kids went to sleep with me. I only have a size full bed and they are 9 and 5 years old so it was not the most comfortable night, but I loved it! 

please ignore my double chin!

Jonathan fell asleep just about when his head hit the pillow. Good thing because in the morning they had to get up early! 

SATURDAY / / My brothers' plane was leaving at about 10:30 Saturday morning but since he was leaving from LAX and had the kids with him he wanted to get there early. We live about 30-40 minutes from the airport in normal traffic, during busy times it can be double that. We got up at 6am and left just past 7am. I stopped to get gas and then we were off. It was bittersweet dropping the kids off. I am so attached to them that it's weird for them to be away for so long. My brother always takes them to Europe (once a year) but this is the first time that Jonathan has also gone. The next 2 weeks will be weird! 

After leaving them at LAX I had to get back home to take my mom to her 9am dental appointment for a filling. I got back with plenty of time so I ate breakfast before heading to the dental office. If you follow me on Twitter you will have noted that I was pretty annoyed. Her appointment was at 9 and they didn't call her back until 9:40 and didn't see her until 10:30. We weren't out of there until 11am. Two hours for a small filling. Ridiculous. We entertained ourselves, though...

mr. balloon hand was not amused at the wait time.

I was in a hurry because Thomas and I were going to check out an estate sale and there were several things I wanted to get done for the wedding with him. We made it to the estate sale but it wasn't productive... I did get some pins for my collection. The estate was near his cousins' house so we made  stop there to visit before heading back to this place. 

I was able to get him to finalize our timeline and go over some details  that I had been wanting to do. It's pretty hard to get him to talk about the wedding or to really plan anything with him, so I was happy! We also finalized the seating chart! I thought that it was going to be hard, but I think we worked it out well. We also decided to get a tent for the backyard. While it's not supposed to be too warm, people will have the sun in their faces and we conferred with the photographer who agreed it would be better. We are still working on the details for that, however. 

As I mentioned, Sunday was Thomas' birthday. It was also his twin's birthday (obviously) but it was ALSO his older sisters' birthday! So on Saturday night their parents took us all out to dinner. Although the food wasn't great, it was a very nice evening with everyone. 

Thomas, me and his sisters' their spouses, and his parents.

We watched Carrie after dinner and then he took me home. 

SUNDAY / / Thomas has been working on Sundays' so I knew I would spend the day with my mom working on more wedding things. There were a few things I had to return and other errands we had to run. We were out of the house by 9am and didn't make it home until past 2:30pm. Wow! Remember, my mom just turned 70! That's a long time to be out and active for me, my poor mom was ready to fall asleep in the car!

We started off with Kohl's for a return and to use up a coupon ($10 off of $30, plus 20% off the rest... my mom spent $17 and saved nearly $100 on that purchase!). A price adjustment at Target and then we were off to Office Max to print out the signs for the wedding that Kerri made me! I was worrying about the price but luckily the employee gave me a 25% off coupon and so I only spent $17. They look great! I have to cut some of them out, but it shouldn't take long and I'll be able to get it done at work. 

We tried to give some books to a used bookstore but they said they were too busy so we took them back with us. We then went to the mall. Oh the mall, how I love thee. It was lunch time by this point so we stopped at Steak Escape and had a cheesesteak - so good! Then we picked up some coffee for my momma and I got my engagement ring cleaned and wow! The diamond is so sparkly! I still have to have it sent out to be cleaned deeply, but I'll do that in a month or so. 

A stop at Victoria's Secret and Macy's had us leaving the mall full of bags that included panties, an electric griddle, and sheets among a few other things. Amazing deals all around! 

By this point we were exhausted but I still had to return something at Wal*Mart and buy a cake topper and unity candles at JoAnn's. We debated as to whether we were going to leave it for another day, but with a surge of energy to get everything done we went to both stores (after picking up the seating chart at Thomas' house). Unfortunately JoAnn's didn't have any cake toppers, so a trip to Michaels' will be necessary this week. 

Finally we went home in time to take nap before it was time to go to the final walk through for our new condo! 

my mom with Thomas in our new master bedroom!

We were excited for this and a bit nervous. The two times we had gone to the condo before resulted in seeing the place in very dirty condition and we were afraid that they would not have had it cleaned well. We were pleasantly surprised that they had the carpets professionally washed and the place was pretty clean. I still want to go over the counters and the windows, but they are giving it to us in nice condition. 

We will be signing the loan documents on Monday (today!) and should have the keys on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Good thing, I have our new ridge and bed coming on Saturday! 

As I was leaving with my parents we met a couple who just purchased and moved in a couple of months ago. They seem very sweet and I am excited to get to know them in the future. 

My Sunday ended with a quick trip to my brothers' house to make sure Nikki's hamster was doing well and to take a look at the hummingbird nest in the patio. Both are doing well!

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  3. Looks like you had a busy weekend! That balloon... I need to do that when I'm waiting too long! Your ring looks great and very sparkly! :)