May 16, 2014

Honeymoon Time; Argentina


I consider myself Argentinean. I wasn’t born or raised there, but it’s running through my blood. My parents were born and raised in Argentina and came to the US a few years before I was born.

My mom took me to Argentina for the first time when I was 7. I met my entire family on that trip. Aunts. Uncles, cousins, and my grandma (okay, I had met my grandma before, but I was only a couple of months old, so it doesn’t count!). I knew how to speak Castellano (don’t tell an Argentinean they speak Spanish!) because my mom didn’t (and still doesn’t) speak English) so it wasn’t weird or awkward to be around these strangers. They immediately welcomed me into their midst and have been close to me since then.

I took 3 more trips to Argentina with my mom in the ‘90’s. Then, in 1998, my grandma passed away and my mom just didn’t want to return. In 2005 my cousin, who recently had gotten internet, asked me when I was coming to visit again so out of curiosity I checked plane prices and was surprised to find that a roundtrip to Argentina was only $613! I was 20 at the time and thought it would be perfect for me to go a couple of months later. That was my first (and so far only) solo trip. I went again in 2008 with my dad and now… I’m going with my husband!

(Husband? Really? I’m married?)

SO if you are reading this.. I’m on a plane with my hubby heading down south to my home country!

I am BEYOND excited about this!

I LOVE to travel. Rather, I love the excitement of going to an airport and getting on an airplane. I know most people HATE this, but I love the whole flying thing, even if it’s in a small seat. I did make sure that my planes for this trip are the wide 777’s! So big! Except for one leg from Los Angeles to Dallas, all the flights have me next to the window and Thomas on the aisle, just the way we both like it. I did have to pay an extra $70/each for one leg, but it was a 10 hour leg, so it was worth it.

I get giddy just thinking about it!

Of course the fact that when we get there I’ll get to see my family again (after 6 long years!) is great. Although I did not grow up with my cousins, and only saw them every few years, we are close and I talk to several of them several times a week. When I go there it is as though I’m at a home away from home. They are always so welcoming of me and go out of their way to make me feel special and included. It’s great.

This trip will be interesting since Thomas does not speak Spanish (and does not understand it) and most of my family members do not speak English. I do have a couple who are pretty fluent, though, so I’m sure he’ll tend to hang out with them.

We will be having a reception for my family on the 24th which I am also excited for. One of the things I found really difficult about the wedding was not being able to share it with my family. I almost resented that Thomas got to have his entire family there and I didn’t. Not even my sister could come. So this party will definitely help with that.

In between seeing family we will be traveling to Las Cataratas de Iguazu (The Iguazu Falls) which are considered one of the current 7 wonders of the world. They are taller and wider than Niagara falls and edge 3 different countries. Both my brother and sister got to visit them in past trips, but this will be my first. Unlike Niagara, at Iguazu you can take a boat to the bottom of the falls, basically being right underneath them (I hope I packed well!). I’ve seen videos and pictures of this area and it is magnificent.

We will also be heading to Bariloche, a different of night and day with Iguazu. While Iguazu, to the north of the country, is a warm tropical climate, in Bariloche it should be much cooler. It is located in the foothills of the Andes mountains and is a big tourist attraction, especially for skiers and mountaineer’s.  I visited Bariloche in 1991 with my mom and brother. Although I was 7 at the time I remember it well. We went during summertime but I remember it was still cool and we had to wear jackets. It was my first time in a ski-lift and having lunch on a mountain. Bariloche is also Argentina’s chocolate capital. Ohhh the chocolate en rama that I ate there as a little girl. The memories are amazing. This, too, I am looking forward to.

Not to mention the dulce de leche ice cream (the real stuff, not the fake kind they make in the States), the facturas and masas finas. Sandwiches the miga finitos… so many things. Asados! Real beef!

Okay, I’ll leave all those thoughts in your head and will show you all the pictures of the deliciousness later.

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  1. Have fun!!!!! I can't wait to see all the things you do!

  2. Have fun!!! So excited to see Argentina through your camera lens!