May 31, 2014

June Goals

I’ve seen many people make monthly to do lists or set some goals for the month. I’m generally not a person to do this but because I still have SO much I have to do to get my house into a condition where I feel comfortable inviting people over. I hope to have a house warming party sometime this summer.

In order to do that I think I have to give myself a list of goals to accomplish by the end of June.  I get back from Argentina on June 2nd, so it will be the perfect time to start. My flight gets in early in the morning so I hope I’m not too jet-lagged and I can start working on it!

O N E – Make sure that ALL clothing is put away into closets and dressers. This includes clothes that are on the ground. My ultimate goal is for Thomas to put his clothes in the hamper when he takes them off but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get him to do that. Work in progress on that front.

T W O – Make sure all trash/boxes are discarded. I think this one will be easy as most of this has already been thrown out, but there is still some trash that should be gone.

T H R E E – Organize kitchen! While everything in the kitchen has a place, those places are not organized. I need to figure out how I want to handle the pantry we have. It’s a tall cabinet with deep shelves and I need to figure out where I want to keep what.

F O U R – Boxes! This is the HUGE project for June. Most of my things (and I have a crap load of things) moved over from my parents place to the condo in office boxes. I need to clear them out in June. Many of them hold decorations which I need to decide where to put.  There are probably a dozen boxes that have to be emptied/re-organized.

F I V E – Desk! We now have desks but they are messily set up in the 2nd office because of the aforementioned boxes. In order to do this I will need to move the boxes since they are blocking much of the room. The plan will probably be to put the boxes in the closet and take one out at a time and decide what to do with what’s in there. A lot of the stuff might end up staying in boxes.

S I X – Also in this office room I need to clear out the top of the built in cabinets because it is full of crap at the moment – including computer keyboards and a monitor, clothing, picture frames (empty ones), and I think hard drives. They all need to find a home so I can set up the TV and put in curtains (which I still have to buy).

S E V E N -  DECORATE! Okay, this might be pushing it. This will be a summer goal. I want to try to get picture frames up around the house and maybe do a wall that is for family pictures. Unfortunately we don’t really have a hallway that allows for this so we’ll have to come up with something.

E I G H T – Balcony – I bought a jasmine vine plant but I killed it pretty quickly – mostly because of the wedding and that I didn’t get a chance to water it. Luckily Lowe’s has a 1 year guarantee so I’ll be exchanging it in June and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it alive. I’d like it, ideally to grow across the bars of the balcony so that the sweet smell can enter the house. I LOVE jasmine!

N I N E – This is mostly done, but I need to clear off the bar and make sure all it has visible are nice bar type things (AKA alcohol!).

The previous items are all organizing type things, the following will be things that need to be fixed.

T E N – The light coverings in the bathroom need to exchanged – I have the material, it just needs to be installed.

E L E V E N – We need to call a plumber to get the sinks fixed as well as the bathtub drainage and shower. I also need to buy a shower head for our bathroom.

T W E L V E – There is a drawer in the bar that is broken and needs to be fixed.

T H I R T E E N – I want to put up a rod above the washer and dryer so that I can put curtains up and hide all the ugliness above the machines (most other units in this complex have done this). I have the curtains (donated by my mom) but I need to figure out the rod to put up.

F O U R T E E N – Our windows will be installed in June! That will be awesome! However it means we have to take down the blinds on the sliding glass door – which I think will suck big time.

F I F T E E N – Vacuum & wash the kitchen and bathroom floors. The floors are pretty nasty as this point. The carpet is okay but it should get a nice vacuuming once most of the other items are taken care of.

I think that’s about it. Quite a few things to tackle, right? Should I push some of these to July or just make it a June/July goal list? What do you think?

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