May 2, 2014

Peak & Pit Friday

I would say that I have no pits this week… only peaks (but I found a few)!


/ / I got MARRIED on Saturday. That’s a peak, right?

/ / Thomas and I were able to spend Monday together and get stuff done!

/ / I got to see some great pictures of the wedding.

/ / I get to sleep every night with my husband!

/ / I got to open some amazing presents! I did some returns, but I’m loving all the store credit/gift cards/cash we received.

/ / I started cleaning up the house a little bit, but I’ve also come home late so not too much has been done. Furniture comes tomorrow so I need  to have everything organized somewhat, or at least out of the way before then!

/ / Thomas and I opened a bank account together! Love Chase!

/ / My mommy has been staying home, so I’ve gotten to see her. But she’s going to the hospital for the weekend, so I’ll miss her.

/ / One of my co-workers announced during our general staff meeting that I had gotten married on Saturdayand I got a round of applause!

/ / Leftover wedding cake!! (need I say more?)


Okay, a couple of pits…

/ / The wedding is over!  I want to do it again! It was so much fun and I felt so beautiful!

/ /  Thomas and I had some teriyaki chicken that we bought at Costco on Wednesday night and I ended up in the bathroom throughout the day at work on Thursday. Eww.

/ / Not such great news when it comes to my sister – she isn’t healing and things aren’t progressing as they would want. They aren’t giving up yet. But she is caught in a Catch-22. She isn’t healing because of the immunosuppressant’s she takes, but if she is taken off those medications she will lose her kidney and If that happens it is a death sentence. They are hoping what they are doing will help, even if it takes weeks or months. She’s been in the hospital coming up on a Month on Tuesday. Slightly good news is that they put did a tracheotomy, which we wanted. This allows her to be able to speak and not have to be intubated/extubated/intubated etc.   

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  1. Congrats on your wedding and all of the fun that comes with it - including a bank account!!

    You are so so so beautiful. I'm thankful you feel that way - I really did start crying when you told me that this week <3

  2. So much good stuff going on for you! I bet you're glad all that stress is over with though and you can now focus on your life together with Thomas.