May 8, 2014

Procrastinator vs Doer

Jesse had a great post on her blog the other day! She listed all the ways she procrastinates while she should be studying.

I am great at procrastinating. It might even be considered a hobby of mine.  But I only procrastinate when I have to be doing something I really hate. When it’s for something I want to get done, I’ll put everything else aside (IE: getting wedding things taken care of).

I’ve been out of school for almost 3 years now (after 9 years of post-high school college) and how I hated working and how I found so many ways to avoid anything school related. I am SO glad that part of my life is over. To avoid studying I would, of course, discover the ends of the Internet and even Blog (way back in the Live Journal days). It was pre-Facebook days so that wasn’t a time-waste, but the Internet was still full of distractions. Wikipedia! YouTube! Email! So many pretty colors!

Of course there was also TV. No DVR or Netflix, but plain ol’ TV.

These days… I haven’t been procrastinating on many things. Mostly that has been because I had a lot to do in very little time and I was very invested in things turning out well. House buying and the wedding things had to be completed timely… now I have a little more time to procrastinate.

My house is currently a mess. I have TV boxes full of trash that have to get taken to the dumpster, boxes from the move that need to be unpacked, clocks that need to be hung on the walls, carpets that need to be vacuumed, clothes than need to be put away and just general tidying that needs to be completed. I was full steam ahead until a few days ago. I. Am. Drained.

Between the wedding and actually getting things to the new condo I don’t have much energy left for unpacking. Part of the problem has been that on the 3rd I came down with some allergies that continued to kick my butt well into the week. My nose was running and the sneezing didn’t seem to cease. All which made sleeping at night uncomfortable and kept waking me up.

Do you know that feeling when you breathe in and the inside of your nose feels so cold it hurts? That’s what I’ve been dealing with. Then, also while sleeping, my lips would become so chapped they hurt and in the midst of the night the last thing I wanted to do was get up looking for chap stick (*adds chopstick to shopping list*). The allergies, though, I blame on the bipolar weather we are having in Los Angeles at the moment. We went from rain the day before the wedding, to a gorgeous wedding day, to extreme heat, to cold, to wind, to colder weather, and heat is coming back. I keep having chills and sweats throughout the day!

Since the honeymoon is coming up quickly on us I really want to do everything to avoid getting sick and feeling weak, which I am already starting to feel. I want to hit Argentina straight on and be able to do everything we have planned without needing a nap in between (okay, maybe a couple of naps – it is our honeymoon after all).

Does this make me a procrastinator or a doer? I don’t know. Maybe somewhere in between?

To be perfectly honest I began this post thinking I was a procrastinator and then realized that maybe I’m not so much one anymore. I might update this in a few months if anything has changed.

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  1. Great idea to update in a few months if anything has changed - you're totally a doer!!