May 20, 2014

Teenage (White) Lies

Hello Him & Me readers, my name is Sarah Christine, and although I normally fill the pages of SarahChristineStyle with my ramblings, I am here today to help Kathy out with a guest post while she is enjoying her honeymoon. Recently Kathy guest posted for me and shared a story from her younger years, so I thought I would share a story from those years of my life as well. I am warning you right now I was a very overly dramatic teenager, I have figured out since then what is and isn't important in life and how to control my emotions a little better. This story is from when I was a sophomore in high school though so I hadn't quite figured those things out yet.

I was dating this guy at the time, let's call him Bob. Now Bob was living up in Canada going to school, hockey prodigy and stuff, anyways it was a long distance relationship, which looking back doesn't make a ton of sense for high schoolers, but whatever not the point.

So one day Bob was coming home from Canada and he told me that he would call me when he got home (his parents lived near me, not in Canada) and that it would probably be around 9pm. Well I was home alone that night and as 9pm came and went I started to get antsy, and antsy teenage Sarah isn't super level headed, especially when she has no one around to set her straight. As the time continued to pass by I found it more and more difficult to keep myself from checking my phone every two seconds. Eventually I started calling and texting my mom because I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to call his parents house at 10pm or not (btw it's not, it never is, it is however appropriate to go to bed and call in the morning).

At some point around 11pm when I had received no phone call and was becoming increasingly emotionally unstable, like I was pretty sure this was how I was going to be dumped, because that is the only logical thing to think. I decided that maybe if I threw my phone at the carpeted floor it would start ringing (so logical!), so that's what I did. I chucked my poor little phone as hard as my skinny little arms would allow straight (well mostly straight) down at the carpeted ground below me. And do you know what that phone did? It didn't just hit the nice carpet beneath my feet like it was supposed to, no it decided to bounce off the carpet (did not know that could happen) and launch itself about 5 yards across the room right into the side of a desk that had no business being in the way of my phone and shatter into a couple of pieces.

At this point I tried my very best to come up with some explanation for why my phone was shattered and I needed to get a new one that didn't involve the phrases "I threw it" or "because he wasn't calling me", which basically meant I had to lie, and between not being very good at lying and having shattered my phone while I was home alone with no real good scapegoat around I'm pretty sure no one believed my story anyways. Oh in case you were wondering, there was a lot of traffic and a back up at the border crossing, and then by the time he got home Bob decided to just call me in the morning because he was tired from the long day and I was probably asleep anyways. 

And there you have it, the story of how I "accidentally" broke my phone. Feel free to judge myteenage self and call her any sort of mean name in the book, I do all the time, what's the point of growing up if you don't get to make fun of your younger self?

I hope you enjoyed reading Sarah Christine's post! Don't forget to visit her blog and comment! Thank's for guest blogging today!

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  1. Hahahaha that sounds like something I would have done as a teenager... or even in my early twenties... oops.