May 14, 2014

The Mahoney Wedding - Part Two

This is the 2nd part of my 4 part series about… my wedding! To read part one click here!

FRIDAY APRIL 25th 2014 / /

On Friday morning I had an early appointment to get my hair worked on. The idea was that she would be able to start it on Friday and then finish it off on Saturday. When I had a practice run in January the hair do she gave me lasted a couple of days – this time it barely made it through the night. But I did have nice hair for the rehearsal dinner that night!

After getting my hair done and our hair stylist looking at the girls hair so she knew what she would have to deal with on Saturday, we headed out to buy extra jello supplies. We also needed to pick up some vases to replace the ones that broke the night before – at the Dollar Tree.  We were rushing slightly because the Taco Guy (who was bringing the tables/linens/chairs) was supposed to be at Thomas’ parents’ home (the reception site) at 10am to drop off all the tables and things. We got there after 10am to find out that our Taco guy had not yet arrived. For the next 6 hours Thomas attempted to get a hold of him and get a time of arrival.

We got different replies: “I thought it was between 2 and 3! I’ll be there by 12pm.”

At 2:30 we get a text: “I’m loading up right now, I’ll be there at 3pm!”

He finally showed up at 4:30pm. He saw that I was in tears at that point. Things were not going the way I wanted them to go, we didn’t have enough tables and the decorations weren’t matching. He came over to me to apologize and told me that had a job in the morning. I didn’t say anything to him but my brain said “are you doing us a favor? Because we’re paying you over $1,000 for all of this!”. At that point we also discovered he didn’t bring any of the linens, he planned to bring those in the morning. I told him that I wanted them NOW, not tomorrow. I wouldn’t trust him to be on time in the morning for us to be able to set everything up. He also hadn’t brought the tents we had ordered to block the sun, and now the rain.

He said he would go home and bring back the linens and that the tents would be there at 10pm because the tent person was at another event at the time. I left with Lauren and my nieces to go get ready for the rehearsal and dinner. It was about 5 at this point and we had to leave by 5:30 to get to the chapel.

We got back to my condo in time for us all to change and to finish some cleaning up the condo. My master bedroom had been in painting mode for the previous week and my brother had finished painting that morning, so I had to remove all the blue tape and plastic that was covering the bed and carpet. Between Lauren and I we were able to pull everything up and put it in a ball in the balcony so it would be out of the way for the pictures the next day.

We hurried out of the condo, picked up my nieces, and headed to the church – however by that time we were running late and didn’t arrive until a few minutes after 6pm. The rehearsal was fun and light hearted with Thomas joking around as usual. We were able to walk through all the steps a couple of times. I don’t think anyone took any pictures of the rehearsal.

We finished going through everything at 7pm and as I walked out toward my car I slammed my right foot into my left heel peeling my toenail back, While it didn’t hurt, it definitely would be visible. I asked a few people if they had any super glue (I mean, come on – someone had to carry it). With no luck Lauren, the girls and I stopped at a drug store down the block to pick some up. This is when hilarity ensued:

As Lauren put the glue under the nail I pushed it down. Not a very bright thing to do.

Did you guys know that super glue, is, like… super sticky? My finger on my left hand got glued to the big toe on my right foot. I sat there, my leg up on the car seat, my arm across unable to move, much less drive. I tell them “I can’t drive like this!” I might have been panicking a little bit because when I tried to move my finger away it felt like I was ripping the skin off, and all my maid of honor could say was “hold on! Let me get a picture!”. She’s not even a blogger!

I was finally able to, slowly, peel my toe and thumb apart and my toe looked (from a distance) like normal. It didn’t worry me too much since my dress would cover my feet anyway.

The rehearsal dinner was held at Angel City Café, the same location that Thomas’ twin sister’s rehearsal was held last August. They sectioned out part of the restaurant for us (probably about 40 people). We had set appetizers (both were fish based and I don’t eat fish), two different salads, and then each person could pick an entrée and dessert. I enjoyed some tri-tip, which although the BBQ sauce was gross… the meat itself was smoked and delicious!

The restaurant’s owner/manager (not sure who) had a catering job that morning and was able to use the flowers from then to decorate our tables, which was a nice touch.

It was a nice evening with my family and his (mostly his!). (Although the only pictures I have are the following two...)

Not too long after dinner started my maid of honor pulled me toward the front door of the restaurant. Through the week we had heard that it was going to rain on Friday night. It was only a 40% chance of showers and usually that means no rain for us. I mean, we live in Los Angeles land of permanent draught.  But, alas, it was raining. Not hard, and not a lot, but still it was raining. My reception was in a backyard and we had no tent. So my MOH made me take pictures in the rain:

I wanted to be in bed by 11pm, but we didn’t leave the restaurant until 10pm so there was no way that was going to happen. We had to pick up a cooler so that we could transport the jello shots the next day from Thomas’ parents’ home, so we headed there after dinner. Thankfully the rents had arrived and were being set up – but it was raining and the grass was already wet.

When we got back to the condo we went over what we had to take care of the next day, the girls showered, and we got to bed around 11:30pm. I would have a LONG day ahead of me!

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  1. HAHA I've superglued my fingers together many a time doing craft projects! A little 100% Acetone nail polish remover helps.

  2. Boo on the rain.

    I'm glad you still had a wonderful evening.

  3. Wow what an eventful day - especially with the superglue!!!