May 19, 2014

Unsolicited Honeymoon Advice

I want to thank Jesi for guest posting for me today! I thought this was a great way to start my first full week on my honeymoon! Don't forget to visit her over at her blog, Jumping JE - she is awesome and awesome SnapChatter!

Thomas and Katherine (but mostly Katherine) see what I did there asked me to guest post today while they whisk off to their honeymoon. I couldn't be more honored! It's almost like being a bridesmaid but for the honeymoon. That means that the dress is more maxi-style than wedding-style and that I'm not tagging along to witness their newly married shenanigans in Argentina.

Since I'm announcing myself as the "blogger bridesmaid" for their honeymoon - I thought I'd give a toast to the lovely couple with my five best tips for a happy and memorable vacation together as newlyweds. 

For those of you who don't know me, I'm quite single and have no experience in planning honeymoons... so this should be fun! 

1. Enjoy the moment

Do your very best to live in the moment and try to leave your worries back home. I know there's a lot going on in your mind about your sister in the hospital and what that means for your family - but she would want you to enjoy your honeymoon carefree and the way that you would have if everything else was fine.

This also means no job talk, no house talk, no moving talk, no talk other than where you're going to eat dinner next, how lucky you both are to have each other and where you're going to get your next sangria!

2. Take Photos

Mainly so that we can see all of the amazing things that you soaked up on your first big married vacation together (I say first because there should be many!) and also so that you have some fun photos to frame and put into albums as keepsakes of this exciting time in your lives. You could even create a hashtag? #TKHoneymoon (??)

3. Be Shameless Newlyweds

Tell everyone and anyone that you are newlyweds. Shamelessly show off your rings, be affectionate in public and be a (tastefully) obnoxious newlywed couple. You will love saying "We just got married!!" over and over again to all of the strangers you meet and everyone loves young people in love. You may even get special treatment because of it!

4. No Counting Calories!

This one comes from Katherine's own goals that I've read in a few of her posts recently and I really mean it - don't count! You're young, you're in love - you have the rest of your life to "worry" about what you're eating (even though you shouldn't ever worry!).

Explore and be adventurous in love and in food choices. 

5. Plan Your Next Adventure

I said up there in "Take Photos", this is not the only big vacation you'll ever go on. Like Ellie and Carl in the movie "Up", start creating your own Paradise Falls and begin brainstorming your next big adventure together. It's helpful to do this while you're on vacation mode because you're not going to be worried about how much it costs, how you'll get the time off from work and whether you'll be with or without children by that point. You'll just be planning the follow-up to the greatest vacation of your lives together (so far!).

<3 Wishing you happiness and love

Your honeymoon blogger bridesmaid, 

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  1. I agree with all these and Lord knows Ill be shameless when Im a newlywed!

  2. ok but seriously? awesome guest post Jess. and this basically described my honeymoon to a tee. perfect.
    hope Kathy has just as much fun!

  3. calories don't count on your honeymoon anyway!!!!

  4. "Blogger Bridesmaid" Love it! I wanna be one too!

    Such good advice! Especially #3!

  5. Yes, I so agree! I never count calories while on vacation. Or really, ever, if I'm being honest.