May 23, 2014

What I Learned From Wedding Planning

I learned some things from the whole wedding planning business over the past 5 months and wanted to share it with you all since I know that there are several people who are either just engaged or about to be.  Every wedding is different and every couple is as well, but this is what I personally learned, take it as it is relevant to you:

  • It’s about you! I had several people who wanted to give their opinions about what your wedding should be like. But guess what? It’s not their wedding, it’s YOURS! If you want the flowers to be blue and not pink, then make them blue! No one (but, I guess your spouse) has to have a say in it. This isn’t being a bridezilla as some like to say it, it’s about making it about you. You only get one wedding so make it yours and make it fit YOUR style, not someone else’s. Of course, if you are the type of person who wants to get input from everyone, go for it. Just be sure that you are comfortable saying no to them if their opinions and suggestions don’t match your vision.

  • That being said let people help you when you need it. I didn’t do much of this until it was forced out of my hands. My reception was in my in-law’s backyard. I’m not a Pinterest-y type person and doing crafts or decorating is not my forte. My plan was to not decorate, to allow the flowers and normal decorations that my in laws have to serve as the wedding decorations. Thomas’ aunt really wanted to help out with the wedding and she loves decorating. I had a really hard time handing over the reins. Though, because I didn’t know what it was going to look like and it freaked me out. On the day before the wedding when they started decorating and I saw that the color of the decorations were NOT my color (Malibu Blue) I freaked out. I vetoed one of the decorations (a paper lantern that was not very nice looking) but decided to ignore the others. They were pretty, they just weren’t the color I had spent so much time matching with things. And you know what? They looked great at the wedding. There were lots of compliments – which I referred back to his aunt, she did that. (Pictures will be posted once I get my wedding pictures back). Moral: Sometimes it’ll work out even though you don’t see the final product.

  • Don’t forget your petticoat or bra! When it was time for me to put on my dress at the chapel I realized that I had COMPLETELY forgotten to bring my petticoat and bra. I started to have a slight panic attack. My house was a 20 minute drive each way from the chapel and we only had 30 minutes until it was time to walk down the aisle. I slipped into the dress –which did have wiring in the bust, and it fit. No one could tell the difference, but I could feel it. The dress ended up doing a lot of slipping down and bunch under my breasts. Not to mention that I felt like everyone could see my big stomach since I didn’t have the bar that held it in. Also – it sucks because they cost a lot of money to just have sitting around my house. Their destination will now be craigslist!

  • What really helped me in planning and organizing the wedding was keeping a binder and notebook. I kept my receipts and contracts in it which helped in referring back to it. I also kept a notebook (one of those cute ones they sell at Ross) with the costs of everything as well as my To-Do lists. I had one for me, one for Thomas and me and one for him. I became a big fan of to-do lists. I hand made them with little boxes so I could check them off and feel that satisfaction. Whatever way you do it, you should have some sort of management for your notes/papers/receipts/etc. Make to-do lists and try to keep yourself as organized as possible. I didn’t think I was an organized person until I began planning the wedding, if I can do it – YOU can do it, too!

  • Keeping in the organized theme, make sure everything is written down. As I mentioned previously the only problems we had were with our Taco Guy/Rentals person. He was late delivering the rentals as well as the day of the wedding. He also did not provide the amount of food that we ordered. In hindsight we should have had it written that he was to arrive at 10am on Friday to deliver the items and some sort of deal that if he was more than “X” amount of time late that there would be reduction in cost or something of the sort. While I didn’t have problems with any of the other vendors, they were more professional and had contracts that explained what would happen in such situations.

  • Pick a great maid of honor. My MOH was amazing! It was her first time being a MOH and she did such a great job. She kept me calm, she made sure things got done. She took my to-do lists ( I made separate to-do lists for the days leading up to and including the wedding) and made sure those things were accomplished as well as added to them as we realized we had other things to do. I’m not sure what I would have done without her. Make sure, when picking your MOH it is someone who will realize the day is about YOU and not her. That while she will be standing next to you the day of, you are the star and she is a supporting role. My MOH will be getting married next year, and while I don’t expect to be her MOH, I hope she gets someone as amazing as she was for me!

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  1. Such good lessons! If I decided to put on a big Vow Renewal in five years, I will need these!

  2. You learned some great things - thanks for sharing!!

  3. Love these tips, I am definitely favoriting this post to look back on as I start planning!