June 22, 2014

Home Accomplishment!

I feel accomplished. After doing grocery shopping this morning, taking my niece to a birthday party, and watching the somewhat disappointing US/Portugal match instead of sitting on my butt and watching TV I actually got up and did some organizing/cleaning. 

I had been putting all paperwork/manuals into a drawer in the kitchen. It dawned on me that I have a bunch of built in drawers in the office where those could go. I went through them, took out the trash and emptied the drawer out. Not wanting to stop there I organized all the drawers in the kitchen (up to a point anyway). 

I followed that up by doing some balcony work. A couple of weeks ago I bough a rosemary bush at Trader Joe's. Unfortunately the sun burned it to death within a couple of days. I decided that instead of just trashing it I would put the leaves in the Ziploc bag and save it for future use. It's a dirty job! 

I still have a lot to do around the house, but it's looking better and better. On Friday night I was able to put more things into boxes and away into the closet, leaving fewer things to organize. I'm waiting for Thomas to come home from his work trip so that we can finish getting the 2nd bedroom/office put together. My mom sewed my curtains for that room which was so sweet of her and helped so much! 

I also got my Vitamix on Friday and I'm looking forward to using it to make some smoothies and probably soup or other items in the future. I was at Costco on Saturday afternoon and they had the person advertising the blender. The drink he made was sooo good that I went ahead and got the ingredients to make one for myself tonight. 

I'm going to end this with saying that I'm currently watching True Blood with my husband via Skype. He's been gone for just about a week and I miss him terribly! 

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