June 13, 2014

I Blame You! - (Blame Someone Else Day!)

This morning I found out that today is Blame Someone Else Day! You can thank it being Friday the 13th and a Full Moon for that. I thought that was too good a day to pass up blogging about all the things I want to blame others for. (Go check Kay's blog out! – I stole borrowed this idea from her!)

  • I blame the doctor’s for being unable to figure out why I’ve been in pain most of my life and for not being able to figure out how to fix it. I’m only 29 and I’ve spent over half my life in chronic pain for no good reason!
  • I blame you sun for being so hot that you make some summer days unbearable. Further, air conditioner I blame you for being unable to keep me comfortable at home during hot summer (and fall and spring and winter) days. 
  • I blame water in my water bottle at work for not staying cool all day so that I am more interested in drinking it. 
  • I blame the hairdresser at JC Penney (and my baby fine hair) for messing up my perm. I’m going in for a THIRD time on Tuesday. In the meantime I’m living with half a perm. I look ridiculous.
  • I blame the photographer at my wedding for giving me subpar pictures. The best pictures I have are from non-professional family members. Lame. 
  • I blame stores for having such good sales and coupons that I want to go shopping all the time. I even got a reminder call from a manager from Bed, Bath & Beyond called me to make sure I was going to their post-wedding reception on Saturday. Of course I am!
  • I blame stuff for being all around my house, for there being so much of it, and for not finding a place to live all on its own. Because it doesn’t, I have to find places for it myself and it takes a long time to do! 
  • I blame food for not cooking itself and me having to do it instead. I like to cook, but it’d be nice if it did it on its own. Related, I blame dishes and dishwasher for not taking care of getting clean without my help. 

I could go on and on, but I thought that was a good place to end. 
What do you blame others for?

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  1. bahahaha this is great.
    Stupid dishes. Why can't you wash yourselves?

  2. This made me LOL! Especially for the food and stores! Sorry to hear about your photographer at your wedding. :/