June 24, 2014

It's Okay Tuesday...

It's okay that....

Airing My Dirty Laundry

... I forgot I had training at work this week and was 20 minutes late on Monday morning. Luckily my supervisor is in charge of the training and they didn't start until after I got there, so I had some time to put my things done. 

... my hair is a lot curlier than I had planned. Originally I just wanted some waves/volume in my hair but after 2 bad tries they had to put smaller curlers in my hair which means my hair is curly. I'm loving my hair, though! 

... my mom spent 2 nights at my house. Both our husbands are out of town and she didn't want to be home alone. I loved having her!

... it's taking me longer than I would have wanted to get my house into shape. Even though we've been married nearly 2 months (2 weeks of which we were out of town) the house still has a bit of a way to go. Mostly it's the office - which desperately needs a filing cabinet and for cables to be set into place.

... I really want to buy myself an iMac. I have money left over from some bonds my mom sold and gave to me to buy things for the house - which is enough to buy the iMac as well as the few missing furniture pieces. However, it seems like overkill. I have a MacBook Pro and Thomas will be setting up a Windows computer so that I can play video games with him. We shall see what happens with this one. 

... I miss my husband terribly and cannot wait for him to get home on Friday. 


  1. I got my MacBook at Best Buy for one of their 12 months no interest deals which ALWAYS suck me in! I say go for the iMac!

  2. Enjoy having your husband home!

    I love my Macbook so I'm sure I'd love an iMac too.