June 2, 2014

Shopping Annonymous

I might need help.

I was itching to write but had no inspiration. I tweeted about it and Amanda sent me over to Kay’s blog and her 32 blogging ideas (Thanks Kay!). One of the ones on the list was to pull out your last Target receipt and talk about what you purchased. I knew I had to go with that prompt.

These days most couples are living on their own and so when they get married and/or move in together they have household items. Thomas and I both lived with our parents before moving in together. Which meant we had NOTHING to bring to our new home so we had to buy EVERYTHING.

Which means I have A LOT of receipts. Luckily we were given a lot of gift cards and cash for our wedding, so a lot of this was subsidized by those gifts.

So… let’s go through them:

/ / Bed Bath & Beyond

Okay, this receipt has a couple of items that aren’t mine (DripStik!), but what I did buy was:

  • Flexible spatula for my egg and cookie making (not at the same time). I did receive some kitchen utensils, however they were plastic and I needed something that wouldn’t melt.
  • I needed to reach $15 so I also bought a little friend that will help me pull pans out of the oven when they are hot – I am known to burn myself with the oven.
  • Finally I bought lamps! We’ve been living in the dark – dark living room, dark bedroom, dark office… so now we have night stand lamps and a tall lamp for the living room.

On a different trip (of many) I went with Thomas to get one item (because I only had one coupon!)

  • A super-duper expensive kitchen trash can. The one I had was too low to the ground for Thomas (he’s 6’3”) so we got a taller one that opens up with a wave of your hand!

/ / Target

Many trips have been taken to Target, one always forget something.

Receipt #1:

  • Okay! Okay! This one wasn’t totally home related. I got peeps! LOTS of peeps! I also got some Reese’s and milk. The milk WAS for Thomas, that counts, right?

Receipt #2:

  • Food. I got lots of food for Thomas. At the top you’ll notice steak marinades. I bought one at Wal*Mart (see Wal*Mart receipt) and I really like the flavor it gave our steaks, so I’m hoping these will be delicious, too!
  • Lunch for me! I was running low on TV dinners which I take to work daily, so lots of Smart Ones on the receipt.
  • While I use the same towel twice (it’s clean!) Thomas refuses to, so I had to buy more towels. I purchased a couple on a different trip to Target, but they were on sale this day so I bought some more (and made them give me the whole $1.50 more that I paid on my previous trip).

Receipt #3:

  • More food, mostly for Thomas.
  • I bought a Finish brand bottle to clean our dish washer. The people who were living in our place before were dirty and I wanted to make sure it was sparkling.
  • Here are those other, more expensive towels, that I bought.
  • I also picked up a dish drain thingie to put next to our sink.

/ / Ross

  • T-Shirts. I admit, I browsed and found two shirts – both on clearance! That I really liked!
  • I bought a welcome mat with cute owls on it.
  • I bought a present (perfume) for my aunt in Argentina who has been helping us out in planning our reception there.
  • I got a neat clock for the kitchen! I had been eyeing it for a while!
  • I also got some ear buds because Thomas doesn’t like to hear what I listen to sometimes.
  • I also got a colander scoop! I’m excited about this one!

/ / JC Penney

  • I had been looking for a hamper EVERYWHERE and no one had the shape I needed, until JC Penney. Never thought I’d find it there!! Plus from $36 I got it for less than $20 PLUS I had a gift card and there is still $7.44 left on it!

/ / Anna’s Linens

  • Curtains! This is definitely for the house! I got these for the dining room, and then found some at Kohl’s (receipt is with my mom) for the bedroom. I love them both! Now I need a set for the office.

/ / Macy’s

  • Sheets! I had purchased sheets in Queen size but had to exchange them for Cal King. Luckily the sale associate hooked us up and we got 2 sets for $63.60! If you look closely you’ll notice that I paid $46.95 for the sheets but she returned $60.21. Yea. Exactly. Love it!

/ / Wal & Mart

I have 2 Wal*Mart Receipts and they are LONG!

  • A lot of food was purchased to stock up the house.
  • Garbage cans for the bathrooms as well as the laundry room were purchased.
  • I got some painting supplies
  • Toothpaste!
  • I got a dish for our butter
  • I got a spoon rest!
  • Hangers! Thomas has more clothes than I do!!
  • Trash bags! 

This may not be SUPER interesting post – but it’s near for me to reflect on all the items I purchased. I avoided adding up all the money we spent, but at the receipts you can see that a lot of it was paid with gift cards – and I still have some left!

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  1. Shopping is so fun! Especially with gift cards and gift money :)