June 29, 2014

Sunday Scale Link-Up (June 29th)

I saw Madi from And So I Did do this link up several weeks ago and I knew I wanted to participate - but I was in the midst of my wedding and honeymoon so I couldn't do it then. Then I got back from Argentina and I couldn't get my head into losing weight/watching my food. 

This past week I did do a bit better. I stayed on track for most of the week. I had a bad day on Thursday so I did the bad thing and ate fries that night. Then my husband came home from being gone for 2 weeks on Friday and I made some pork with mashed potatoes. Actually, that was probably not too bad. I didn't eat all the potatoes, and the pork is low in calories. 

However I did make myself a fruit smoothie (only fruit, ice, and Spinach - no yogurt, milk, nothing else) which probably had more calories than I should be consuming. At least it's healthy, right? I did eat more than I should have snack-wise on Saturday as well. 

I was about to go get myself a big bowl of Lucky Charms during halftime of the MEX-NED game - but then I saw Madi's post and thought - instead of going to eat that, let me write a post and make a better choice as far as food goes. 

I weighed myself mid-last week and I was 2lbs down from when I returned from Argentina - but still about 8 pounds over from a few months ago. 

You can check out my WeightLoss page (link above) to see a history of how my weight has gone up and down over the past few years. I am currently WAY down from my highest weight of 196lbs  at only 157.8, but I am far from the lowest I've been - 144lbs. 

I had been able to stay between 145 and 150 for most of the time, but with worrying about my wedding and going to Argentina I went up. The websites say I should be 136 or less for my height (5'2"), but I think if I can stay at 145, or maybe 140 to 145 I will be fine. With that weight I fit easily into size 6 pants. 

Which is the current problem. After returning from Argentina I can't fit into my work slacks. 

I just took these pictures. No sucking in - laying it all out. 

I won't post pictures every week, maybe at each 5 pound mark or if I notice differences! 

Please check out Madi's link-up!

And So I Did

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