June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Picky Eater

I really had to ask my mom about this. I don’t remember being a picky eater. My memory of myself is of what an easy, adoring, loving child I was. My parents and siblings, of course, may remember this a bit differently. 

My mom says I was like any other kid and loved Macaroni & Cheese. She remembers that I didn’t eat everything but she didn’t have any trouble in feeding me. 

My mom reminded me that when my dad made the “asado” on Saturday nights I would put on my yellow shirt to match my dad’s grilling shirt, and I would sit outside or by the door and my dad would feed me directly from the grill. I think it was just the juice that would be on the plate that he would feed me via a piece of bread. 

You can see me looking out of the corner of my eye!
This is in 1988 (I was about 4) with my sister, Gabriela.

I’m a picky eater now, though. At least that’s what people around me tell me. Mostly it’s because I don’t like Mexican food and to them this makes me weird. 
However, I do think I have an issue with textures. For example I generally don’t like beans of any kind, cooked in any way. I don’t like things that are too greasy, either.

I think this is because I was raised with foods that were generally Argentinean in nature. This included: milanesa’s (although fried, very dry not dripping oil), empanadas, grilled beef (no sauce – generally just salt), and pasta. As I grew older my interests in food increased as well, but I’ve stuck to some of the basic ideas that I grew up with and am used to (as far as greasiness goes anyway)

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  1. I'm not a big fan of grease either. I do love beans though! YUM!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of beans and peas myself. There are a select few I will eat, but only in certain ways.

  3. It's okay, I don't like seafood and people think that's insane.