June 25, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Mahoney Wedding - Saturday, April 26, 2014 (PART ONE)

The day is here! Or it was. But I’m here to tell you about it!

Saturday was, of course, another early morning followed by a long day.

The hairstylist and make-up artist were supposed to arrive at the condo by 7am, and I woke up a little bit before that. I was really not wanting to get up and start getting ready when I got a text saying they would be about half an hour late. I guess that put some spring on my step because I was able to get up, get the girls up, and head to Starbucks for a mandatory Bride run.

We got back to the condo just as my mom and brother, along with Jonathan, had come over. We started prepping the house for hair and make-up and the hair/make up girls arrived shortly thereafter. They started working on us after setting up and after they had prepped my hair I finished doing my nieces’ nails.

My mom and brother left with my nephew after a while and I called my mom later to come back when it was her time.

My hair and makeup were the last to be finished… and I was in awe. Okay, at first I freaked out a little bit because I looked so different, but as I look back at all the pictures I cannot help but smile at how gorgeous I looked (narcissistic much?).

While the hair and make – up was being worked on my photographer had arrived.

The photographer went about her business of taking pictures of my dress, shoes, and basically our getting ready. After she was done she headed over to Thomas' parents' house to get pictures of him getting ready. 

Lauren had the busiest day of all of us. She had to haul over the jello shots to the reception and also be there in order to get the tables set up. My sister and brother in law met her there as well. She was also in charge of picking up all the flowers and taking some to the reception location and the rest to my house.

All during this time I was pretty relaxed. I was not stressing out like I had been the previous months. Which, looking back, made the day so much better. It also makes me realize that any worries I had before hand of getting married were normal and not serious. I did not have cold feet whatsoever that day.

Lauren and I headed out to the chapel along with the girls at around noon with a quick stop at Walgreens for emergency lipstick for later. 

I was forgetting two important things at home, which I wouldn't realize were missing until nearly 2 hours later. 

Once at the church we checked out the chapel that my co-worker/friend had decorated that morning. It was then time to get my nieces, nephew and maid of honor ready for the wedding. 

The photographer, a different one because the first one had a different wedding to go to, was already at the chapel and had taken some pictures and then continued to get pictures of us as we prepared ourselves. 

When I was finally ready to get myself into my dress... I realized I didn't bring my petticoat or bra to go under my wedding dress. Things my parents had spent a lot of money on purchasing for me. Luckily, because I am large in the bust, the dress stayed up and no one could tell a difference... although I could. By night time I was tired of pulling my dress up, something I don't think would have happened if I had the undergarments. (Now I will try to sell them since they still have tags on!)

The ceremony started promptly at 2pm. I didn't get to see any of beginning of the ceremony with my family walking in or my mom and mother in law doing a candle ceremony (although this might be on video somewhere). I've been told that my nephew did an amazing job as ring bearer walking down the aisle. I wish I could have seen him.

Next I'll talk about the actual wedding ceremony, and in part three I'll go over the reception.

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  1. I'm like dying to see more pictures!! You look so beautiful!! AND I LOVE YOUR DRESS!

  2. Wow, just wow! You looked soo beautiful, and the pictures are breathtaking!