June 28, 2014

Week In Review

This will be done in bullet/list form – mostly because it is a bunch of mumbled thoughts.
  • While I enjoy learning and appreciate getting new information that will help me advance in my job. I hate having to sit and listen to the same thing over and over. That’s especially true when it’s something I already know. This was a problem during the training I had this week. I understand that it is because not everything in the training has been around for as long as others, and they need to make sure we all know how to do things – but it drives me insane to listen to. 
  • If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would know that I acquired a pet fly over the last week. Last Friday night there was a fly buzzing around my bedroom. It kept getting near my head and then landing on the TV screen. I went to sleep and the next morning I saw it on the window. When I went to kill it, it fell into the window sill (and no, I didn’t throw it in the trash). Then on Monday night I was home with my niece and a fly kept buzzing around our heads in the kitchen and then in the master bath. It would bump into the mirrors over and over again. Out of curiosity I went to check the window… the original fly was no longer there. We have named him Norman. 
  • Wednesday was employee appreciation day at work. Let’s say I didn’t feel appreciated. We’ve had a lot of negative things going on in our office over the past few weeks and having the management serve us some cold food (that I wasn’t even fond of, although many did enjoy) was not really showing appreciation. Other offices throw big parties for their employees with lunch and dessert, music and decorations. Ours was in the conference room, no music, no decoration, and the managers just passing out boxed up lunch. Last year we had some music and the atmosphere was better. 
  • We have some plumbing issues at home. They aren’t severe and they don’t require immediate remedies, but I do want to take care of them sooner rather than later. I had a plumber come out last week to take a look. This week he told me that it would be $545 for everything. My jaw dropped a little bit. I asked him for a run down on labor vs. product costs. He didn’t give it to me. So instead I’m going to give my brother a hundred dollars and have him fix the things (which include the washers in the bathroom faucets, replacing the kitchen sink and master bath shower head, and fixing the shower/bath mixer). 

  • Lastly, but most importantly, Thomas came home on Friday after 2 weeks of not seeing him! He’s not a texter, but on Thursday morning I got a text that said "I was just thinking... I can't wait to see my wife tomorrow!" 

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