June 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I got back from our honeymoon last Monday and I got to work on unpacking right away. My office/game room was full of my boxes that needed to be unpacked and sorted and I just couldn't stand it. 

I took the entire week off from work (I got 3 days bereavement for my sisters' death, and then I took an additional day off) and so I spent it unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and shopping. There were still many things that needed to be purchased for the house - including food. 

Thomas had Monday off (since we arrived in the morning) but he had to work the rest of the week so I had my mom help me. (What would I do without her?). When the weekend came, though, I told Thomas he needed to sort through his things. 

That was the difficult part. I guess I now understand what married couples always meant by nagging wives and men who sit around all day.  

Thomas had a dentist appointment on Saturday morning so I went over to my parents to finish packing some things and enjoy some time with my mommy and daddy. I had planned on going to the bank during the week to close my account since I opened one with Thomas at a different bank, but I hadn't gotten around to it so instead I went with my dad on Saturday to close my account and then to close my sisters' account. 

While I was at the bank I ran into an ex-boyfriends' mom. This guy had been the first guy I had actually thought could go long-term. I was with him when my aunt passed away and he was very kind to me. I run into his mom every now and then and she updates me on his life and I tell her about mine. He married the girl he met right after me and has a baby. 

I was happy I could show her my wedding rings :). 

Saturday night was interesting. I was finally able to wash my hair after the perm I got on Wednesday, and then... then I fucked it all up. You will want to come back tomorrow for that story and pictures. 

After my emergency trip to Super Cuts Thomas and I went to Target to pick up an entertainment center/TV stand. We had our living room TV placed on the wall on Thursday, but I wanted to have a stand placed under it so that we can put our DVR and other electronics as well as decorations. 

By the time we got home it was late and dark, so Sunday morning after breakfast we began to work on it.

It was a very complicated and long process but we were able to get it done! 

After we finally finished getting it done I did some wifey things like grocery shopping for the week. 

Thomas' parents invited us to dinner at their house Sunday night. Grilled steaks! Yum!

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  1. oohh I love that clock!

    OMG do you have more pictures of your hair fiasco that I haven't seen yet??