June 16, 2014

World Cup Weekend Warp Up

I guess it was also Father's Day. We started Sunday with a late breakfast for the entire family at a restaurant. It was nice because my entire US family was there. My sister came into town for Saturday's memorial for my other sister, so before she drove back home we went out for breakfast. My sister, brother-in-law, brother, sister-in-law, mom, dad, my three nieces and nephew, as well as Thomas and I were there. 

But let's rewind to Friday. 

After work on Friday I had to go shopping for some slacks for Thomas for work. He wears a lot of jeans to work, but I think that if he hopes to advance with the company he needs to wear slacks on a daily basis with maybe jeans on Friday's (at my office with the government we have casual Fridays). He always wears nice button down shirts, but I wanted him to make sure he had slacks to wear daily. 

Saturday was the busy day. A month or so ago I got an e-mail from Bed, Bath & Beyond inviting me to a bride day at the store. It said that I would be able to get 20% off the rest of my wedding registry and anything else I needed/wanted and there would be some refreshments. I RSVP'd to the event via e-mail as soon as I got it. Saturday morning I headed to the store with my mom and three nieces. While the girls enjoyed some pastries for breakfast I enjoyed doing some shopping. I was able to get the Vitamix blender that I wanted to buy as well as some other things that were pending from my list and a few that I had realized that I needed/wanted for the house. 

Earlier last week I called to get someone to come out to take a look at our A/C. It's an old model (IE: 30+ years old) and has lived 2 or more lives. Soon after we were done with BBB I came home to meet the A/C guy and see what he had to say about the unit. End result: it's old and costing us a lot to use, but it's working.  The bad news? The heater is done. Luckily I live in Southern California and it's not needed much, but it's not nice to know that turning it on may cause carbon monoxide to infiltrate our home. The guy turned the gas off just in case. OF course we'll have someone else come out to give us another opinion as well as the home warranty people. 

After we were done with him it was time for my sisters' memorial. My sister-in-law is licensed clergy and she spent a lot of time coming up with a nice, meaningful service for my family. She did a very nice job. 

She read some verses from the bible, some meaningful quotes, and some sayings that were very eloquent for the event. We shared some stories and thoughts about her. The memorial lasted about an hour and a half. 

Back row: dad, mom, and me; Front row: Mika, Nikki, Jonathan, and Camila.

After the memorial my siblings, brother-in-law, and the kids came to my house to watch the 2nd half of the Futbol game. My brother-in-law tried to fix the iMac that had belonged to my sister. Unfortunately it needs a new hard drive. I'm not sure if I'll put the money in to get it fixed or if I'll buy a new iMac. Thomas says I should just get a new one (I have a very generous husband). 

Thomas isn't a big eater of non-American foods, so I took advantage that my sister was in town to go have Thai food for dinner along with my dad. We went to a place I had heard a lot about but hadn't been to, even though it is around the corner from where Thomas' parents live. The place was nice and the food delicious.

As I mentioned, Sunday started with breakfast with the entire family. We had invited my in-laws but they declined. My brother and dad, along with my nieces, came to my house in the afternoon to watch Argentina play Bosnia (during which most of this post was written). It was a mostly boring game after a quick auto-goal from Bosnia. It got exciting after Messi scored a goal early in the 2nd half and got sad after Bosnia scored (in their own goal this time) near the end of the game.  2-1 isn't the best score, but at least it's a W in our column. Having Messi make a goal (his first in a World Cup game) does a lot of his confidence as well as that of the entire team. 

After the game and later that evening, after my brother, dad and the kids left, Thomas and I headed to his parents' house to celebrate father's day with his dad. 


  1. Yum, that food looks tasty!

    Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. Sounds like a pretty good weekend. Glad you had a good time.