July 19, 2014

A Day in the Shoes Of...My Husband!

I almost skipped today’s prompt. It seemed too hard to write for a Friday afternoon. But then I started to think about it. If I could change places with anyone, who would it be? What would my day be like? Would I want to change back?


My first thoughts were yes! Yes! I want to change places with someone who isn’t constantly in pain. Who worries about what the day will bring when it comes to the amount of suffering they have to go through in their body. I would love to go through a day like that. It’s been a long time, years and years, since I’ve had a day where nothing hurt even a little bit. 

But then I got to thinking that then I wouldn’t be me. Could I possibly do the change of body but not of mind, soul, spirit, or life? Is that too much to ask for?

That wasn’t the question that was asked though. So then I kept thinking of who I would want to trade places with. My co-worker? My boss? My parents? Siblings? 

Then I thought of my husband! I want to walk a day in his shoes! 

A Day In the Shoes Of Thomas

I would start the day at 7am, roll over and see if my wife was still in bed. Many times this determines what will occur over the next 30 minutes. 

Since my wife refuses to make me the eggs and bacon I so incredibly deserve to have made for me every day of the week (not just the weekends) I might put a pop tart in the toaster while I check e-mail or possibly look at gaming websites. 

Although I have to be at work at 8am, I’ll finally get into the shower at 7:45am. I might drop a towel in the toilet in the process, but hey! It’s not my fault the toilet lid is up! 

My wife might not be home by the time I make it out of the bathroom. She just has to go to her mom’s house every morning for breakfast. I’ll head on out to work around 8am or a couple of minutes past the hour. Luckily it’s a short 5 minute drive. Maybe I’ll ask Kathy if she wants to go to lunch today! Working a couple of blocks away from each other is pretty great! Darn! She says she doesn’t want to. Next time! 

For the next 8 hours I will be on a computer and working on slot machines. I’m the master in the office and can fix anything faster than anyone else! I might take a break here and there to play on my phone, but I’ll be busy working alllll day. So much so that I’ll have to ignore those texts that Kathy sent me. Oh well, I’ll see her tonight. I wonder what she’ll make me for dinner. 

I am supposed to get off at 5pm, but I’ve been working longer and sometimes don’t get out until after 5:30pm. Kathy should be home by then. I love my wife but she’s still has a lot to learn about making meals the way I like them. She should go watch my mom make some chicken teriyaki and make it the same way! 

Once I’m home I’m grateful for the cool house. The AC in my Jeep is broken (not to mention the window won’t roll up anymore!) and it is hot here! After a hug and kiss to Kathy and inquiring what’s for dinner (an A1 burger tonight!) I will head to the office so that I can start playing video games. If Kathy didn’t call me half an hour later I would probably continue playing video games all night. 

Instead I head to the dining room to eat and watch some TV. While I start watching TV Kathy will do the dishes and make herself some dinner. Our latest obsession has been the Netflix original show Hemlock Grove. I didn’t want to watch it at first but now I’m hooked (even if it’s getting boring). After a couple of episodes Kathy is ready to go to bed so I go to the office to play some more video games. 

If it gets too late I end up falling asleep on the couch, tonight I’ll head over to the bedroom and crawl in. I like just dropping into bed, but Kathy has made me strip to my boxers before getting in between the sheets. 

End Of My Day in Thomas’ Shoes

So while it does seem nice that I make Thomas dinner (and I do make him breakfast –eggs and bacon- on the weekends)… I think that I’m happy in my own life. I enjoy taking care of my man; I love my job and most of my coworkers… I have a pretty good life I think. 


  1. haha! You have to make him takes his clothes off??!

  2. Hahaha I love this!!!!! Great Saturday read!