July 5, 2014

Blog Every Day in July: Superpowers!

Today’s prompt made me have to stop and think. If I could have any superpower which one would it be? 

At first I was thinking about the typical super powers: super seeing power, flying, super strength, turning into a big green giant. I thought that I would probably pick being able to fly. I don’t have the need to be strong and I don’t care to see through people’s clothes or into neighbors’ homes. But being able to fly? I could get places so much faster! I wouldn’t have to worry about traffic or being late. I like that. 

Look at how fun it looks! 

Then I started thinking that those powers aren’t super useful to me. Not even flying. What super power could I really use? 

If you read my post on Thursday I touched on my anxieties. What better super power, then, than to be able to know exactly what to say and do which wouldn’t make me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. 

I can imagine it now: I’m at Thomas’ parents’ house during a party and I’m sitting on the couch. His family surrounding me as we watch an MMA fight on the TV. Usually I am self-conscious and don’t know how to act. But if I knew what to say I could go without fear, knowing that whatever I said people would like it. If I made a joke they would laugh. I get chills thinking how great that would be. 

It might not be an exciting super power, but it would be amazing for me. 

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  1. What a great super power! First dates would be a breeze, and job interviews! I need some of this super power!

  2. I like that you didn't pick a "regular" super power. I need that super power too.