July 23, 2014

Currently I am....


READING: When I was in Argentina I found an author that I really liked so I bought several of her books. I just finished one and will be starting another. 

WRITING: This blog entry. I’m also writing a couple of letters. One for my cousin in Argentina and the other to the lovely Amanda Nicole from Knock on Wood.
Knock on Wood

LISTENING: I am not a big music fan, however I LOVE the Backstreet Boys – so I’m either listening to their latest album or to talk radio during my very short drives to and from work. 

THINKING: I’m thinking that my first week of meal planning was derailed by being invited to my in-law’s for dinner on Monday and a free movie screening on Tuesday. 

SMELLING: My hubby’s cologne. I love it! 

WISHING & HOPING: I’m wishing and hoping that I find some relief to my rib pain. I get so sad and depressed when I think this is the rest of my life. 
WEARING: A maxi dress from Kohl’s. I love these! I have it in 2 colors and hope that I can buy another (black and white) before they stop carrying them. 

WANTING: I want an iMac. I have a MacBook Pro but I would love to have a desktop with a nice sized screen. This may or may not come true for my birthday. 

LOVING: I am really loving my new Galaxy S5. I’m still learning to use it. Setting up ring tones/vibrations for different events has been more complicated than I expected. 

NEEDING: I need that my husbands’ employer not send him away so much. Of the 12 weeks we’ve been in the condo and got married he has been out of town 5 weeks (okay, 2 of them was with me on our honeymoon). 3 work weeks away and he’ll be gone another 3 weeks soon. 

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  1. I've been thinking about getting an iMac too. The mouse on my MacBook is slowly starting to crap out on me. And I think I want to invest in an IPad for travel and a iMac for home. So much easier I think! But I will then need to come up with like 2500 bucks and sadly money doesn't grow on trees! lol

  2. Found you on the Link-Up!!!! OMG Backstreet Boys are amazing!! I don't even care that I sound like a teeny bopper---I will love them forever!! I'm sorry about the hubs being away all the time---that would be awful!!!!


  3. Backstreet's Back - Alright !! hahah I saw them in concert in 2011 when they were with New Kids on The Block - they were still sexy as hell! :p

  4. I wouldn't might an iMac. I also love my Macbook.


    I don't really care for desktop computers. I like that I can take my laptop anywhere. BUT I do need to upgrade my Macbook (I have a Macbook White from 2007) sometime soon. I guess that's where some tax money will go.

  6. What movie are you going to watch on Tuesday??

  7. i love these types of posts!! you have inspired me to do one tomorrow on my blog

  8. Kohl's has some really great finds- good choice on wearing!

  9. Your honeymoon looked like it was so much fun! Also, I totally understand the "wanting an iMac" thing. My MacBook just wasn't cutting it anymore! The large screen makes me sooo happy!