July 16, 2014

Day In the Life Of…. Mostly Me…

The other day Leslie at A Blond Ambition (check her out, she rocks!) made a post for her Friday Confessions link up about going through what a day looks like. A few weeks ago I did a similar post and just talked about what I did. This time I tried to take pictures of everything I did on a weekend. Because let’s be honest, my weekdays are not very interesting to read about. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

6:13AM: On this particular Saturday I had to wake up a lot earlier than I wanted to so that I could drive my mom (who doesn’t drive) to get some routine blood drawn. The lab at Kaiser is open on Saturdays from 7am until 1pm and is always crowded so we like to get there as soon as it opens. 

Now that I have a perm I have to actually do something with my hair in the morning, I can’t just get up and go as I used to. Here is what I tend to look like in the morning:

6:44AM: I was headed over to my mom’s house which is about 1.5 minutes away from mine. 

I have to say that the views around our town are pretty. We live moments away from some gorgeous mountains. 

7:06AM: We arrived to the lab just as it opened and we were 17th in line. Shameless selfie with my mommy!

7:45AM: We were out of their fairly quickly and then headed to Starbucks. My mom loves her Skinny Caramel Latte’s! It’s become a tradition to go to Starbucks after getting blood drawn. I thought I had taken a picture of her with her cup but my phone ate it!

8:00AM: Thomas has needed some extra work slacks and they were on sale at Kohl’s (my favorite store!). A $10 off of $30 purchase coupon had been in the paper earlier in the week so we went there to get some shopping done. I picked up the slacks as well as a t-shirt (to reach the $30) and I think my mom grabbed something as well. I was bad and forgot to photograph these part of the day. 

8:45AM: My mom was looking to pick up some things from Bed Bath & Beyond, so after leaving Kohl’s we drove the short distance to BBB. 

Unfortunately they didn’t open until 9am, so we sat in the car and waited for a while. My mom picked up a thing to hold up her iPad in addition to a couple of other items. 

We did find an interesting item for sale there. 

9:42AM: The next place on our errand run was Lowe’s. My brother was going to install a new faucet in our kitchen but I was missing the hose that goes from the air gap to the garbage disposal (oh the things you learn with a new home!). 

My mom was kind enough to model for me.

I got what I needed but also stopped to look at the grills because I want to get one soon. 

10:45AM: I came home in time to make lunch for Thomas and myself. Thomas requested some Thomas English Muffin Pizza Bites. He wanted 8 of them. I could only make 6 at a time. He still wanted 8. *sigh* I have to cut the muffins in half, toast them in the toaster over, put pizza sauce on them and cheese on top of that and then toast them some more. 

For myself I went for the easy route: Teriyaki Chicken (minus the sauce) from TJ’s with some couscous on the side. 

11:13AM: I finally got a chance to sit down and eat. 

11:32AM: My brother arrived to install the new sink. I hadn’t finished eating, but I had cleared out the sink area. The sink we had worked fine, but it didn’t come out very far into the sink making it difficult to use. In addition to that we didn’t have an air gap which apparently is a very good thing to have. 

So I had an excuse to get a pretty new sink! 

12:00PM: Thomas and I went to look at the washer that we had tried to make work earlier in the morning and found this: (story to follow below)

That's a bunch of water sitting in the washer.

12:30PM: After my brother finished with the sink we settled down to watch Brazil be once again destroyed by their opponent. 

On Friday night we had someone come into look at our oven (which is covered by the home warranty) and so we asked him for advice with our dryer which doesn’t seem to heat up as much as it should. Whenever I would take the clothes out as soon as it stopped drying the clothes came out cold. We were told to disconnect the vent and run a load of clothing through it and see if the same thing happened, in that case it was a problem with the dryer, but if it came out warm it meant the vent was blocked. 

So Saturday right before my brother came over on Saturday I tried to put a load of laundry to wash but the washer wouldn’t start. Awesome. 

1:45PM: I convince Thomas to head on out to Lowe’s and Sear’s to look at a new washer and dryer. In addition to having to look at the machines I had to return the tube I had purchased in the morning. 


2:27PM: While I go to customer service to return the tube, Thomas heads to the back to start looking at the machines. As I get into line I realize that an employee leaving the area is the guy I used to date some 7 years ago. Although I’ve been to the store many times in the past few months this was the first time I had seen him. 

Guess which area he works in. Just take a wild guess. 

I see them both walking to the back (and my phone pulling out abilities suck so no picture). I stay in line and then 10 minutes later I head to the back. I look closely and… sure enough the ex-boyfriend is helping my husband look at machines. 

2:33PM: I find a hiding spot and call Thomas. 

ME: The guy helping you is my ex-boyfriend! 
HIM: Oh? 
ME: Yea, is he helping you still?
HIM: Yea… what do you want to do?
ME: I don’t know, it’s just weird.
HIM (talking to the guy): DO YOU KNOW KATHERINE XXXXX? 
GUY: Yea, I do. 

At this point I just walked up to them because what else was I supposed to do? The guy explained some things to us and gave us prices (even an extra $100 off the washer). It wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be, but I was sweating and playing with my hair the entire time. We ended up leaving and going to Sears, though. 

When we walked away my husband was feeling strange about it. He told me that the guy probably thought I had taken a step down from him because he (Thomas) was dressed like a bum in a t-shirt and jeans (he always wears button up shirts!). I told my husband not to worry, the other guys had been working at Lowe’s for a decade, my husband is definitely a step up. 

3:09PM: Lowe’s didn’t have the things we needed so we headed to small business hardware store down the block. 

3:40PM: Once we finished up with the small shop we headed to Sears to check out their washers and dryers. We browsed them for a little bit before being approached by a salesperson. While she spoke to me and explained the new high efficiency washers to me Thomas continued to look at other ones. 

We settled on Samsung HE washer and dryer. 

I'm excited that I can look in while the clothes are washed and dried.

4:40PM: Back home we looked into the washer at home again. We started to remove the soaked clothes and put them in the bathtub. I removed water using a sauce pan. After getting a lot of the water out Thomas played around with it and it was able to filter out the rest of the water. 

6:00PM: I picked up my niece and nephew and we went to a nearby park for another Movie Under the Stars. At this one they had a rock climbing walls which Jonathan really enjoyed.

Nikki enjoyed getting her face painted:

and we enjoyed watching Frozen. 

This event was fun because a few friends from work showed up and it was nice to spend non-work time with them! 

9:55PM: The movie ended and we packed up and headed home. I dropped the kids off with their parents and went home to snuggle with Thomas. 

So... was my Saturday interesting? 


  1. Looks like a busy day! Kohl's really does always have the best deals!

  2. Wow! What a weekend! (And whoa spam comments) we just got a new washer, maytag, and we love it. It looks and functions similar to the one you picked out too!

  3. I love reading these posts! And wow your Saturday has made me very very tired haha. You and your mom are adorable together. And running into an ex in a situation where you can't just run and hide?! eek one of my biggest fears since moving back to my hometown.