July 3, 2014

Getting Uncomfortable

Many things make me uncomfortable. Social situations in general make me cringe. I’m not good in social situations. I always tend to say the wrong things at the wrong time. But maybe that is just my social anxiety. 

This year I had to do several things that made me uncomfortable. Included, but not limited to:

  • Getting married! Okay, I shouldn’t say this makes me uncomfortable, really, but it is something new. It’s the first time I’ve lived with someone other than my parents. 
  • Walking down the aisle and standing in front of a room full of people. As I mentioned I have social anxiety so walking down the aisle with everyone staring at me was scary. At least the concept was. Once I actually did it – it wasn’t that bad. I only had eyes for my husband. 

  • Dancing! Same as above, dancing means that people are probably seeing me dance. The energy of the day and also the liquid help that I had helped out in making dancing not a horrible experience. I did dread it until the moment the day 

  • Bridal Shower. My in-law’s threw me a wonderful bridal shower a few weeks before the wedding. It was amazingly sweet of them but I had a panic attack over it. I survived with the help of Ativan, but the night before and the hours leading up to the event were horrible. I’m sensing a theme here. I dread things beforehand but feel fine during them… Hmm…
I’m sure there have been others, but these were the big ones that I dreaded for a while. 

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  1. Love the gif!!

    I think you did really well with all of your wedding related events.

  2. Living with a new person can be extremely uncomfortable! I think you nailed it :)

  3. I will literally go out of my way to avoid dancing in front of others. I dunno what i'll do one day when I get married.

  4. I'm so happy walking down the aisle wasn't a scary experience once you actually got there. :)