July 24, 2014

Honeymoon: Trip To Argentina (Part 2)

Our second day in Iguazu was spent doing a bit of walking around in the morning to el Hito. This is the corner of Argentina where it meets the river and you can see Paraguay and Brazil. 

Hito: Three Borders

Thomas is standing in Argentina, to the right where you see the roof is Brazil and behind him is Paraguay.

The following pictures are of the Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian side. 

These are Coati's. They sort of look like ant eaters. They are all over these areas of Argentina and Brazil. While they are wild, they come up to you looking for food. This one was climbing up to look in my bag (no food). Thomas got scared and so he scared the animal away. I think they are cute!

As you can see by the water on the camera it was very wet! It was also very humid there - at least for us who come from a very low humidity area (SoCal).

This is Devil's Throat. 

After we got back from Brazil we did some touristy shopping in town. On the way back to the hotel Thomas was followed by some dogs. 

The hotel we stayed in.

We were in Iguazu from Monday night until Thursday morning. This is leaving EARLY on Thursday morning.