July 11, 2014

Pit & Peak Friday!

I started doing this Link Up when I first started this blog early this year. Then I got married and went on my honeymoon and all of a sudden it disappeared!

I started asking about it recently and I discovered that it will be returning! I sent a Tweet to Jen over at That's What She Read and she said it was a go, at least for today. :)

This link up and talking about the pits and peaks of my week really helped me to get through the week. It also helped to make me really look at the type of things I was doing and how it was affecting whether I had a "good" or "bad" week. 

So here we go...


/ / My side/rib pain has been acting up in the last few weeks. It hasn't gotten any better this week. 

/ / I run hot. I'm ALWAYS hot. The AC is on, the fan is blowing and I'm still sweating. Until recently I was only taking Tramadol every now and then for pain. Starting in January I started taking it twice a day, every day. After suffering from this heat and reading a post about medicine I thought that maybe the change in medication would be the cause. I Googled the side effects to this medicine, and although not a very common side effect, feeling hot and hot flashes are a side effect. I guess maybe this is a peak?


/ / We got our marriage license! It took a long time to get to us, but I can finally start to change my name. It's a lot of work, though. I'm sort of thinking of paying to have someone do it for me. I filled out all the forms already, but I need to send them but I'm unsure where to. I'll have to figure our where to send it all out to. 

/ / I started training someone at work this week and I LOVE IT! It's someone new in our unit and she's very sweet. She just had a baby in May who is very cute. 

/ / I've found a couple of awesome recipes to make for dinner. I can't say I've done well at making them, but I'm working on it. Learning how Thomas likes food cooked is a work in progress. I'm working on meal planning. Does anyone have any suggestions for apps or other ideas for meal planning? 

/ / I've decided to hire someone to clean the bathrooms and kitchen once a month. After our toilets getting clogged 3 times in the past 3 months I've decided that since we can afford it at the moment, I'll go for it. BUT I need to find someone.  

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  1. Hire a housekeeper. I've never had one, but think young people should budget for one. Young life is too short to be at home cleaning. If I could change one thing from when I was a young mother, I would not have spent so much time cleaning.

  2. For meal planning I just sit my butt down in a chair and get a notebook out, write the 7 days down and just start brainstorming. One week I'll focus on chicken meals, the other week on pork, the next on ground beef.. That's just how I do it, so that I only have to buy one type of meat each week. I used to buy chicken, pork, steak and ground beef all in ONE WEEK and omg, it was bad.. so much food went to waste!!

    Even thought I write down all 7 days and a meal for each one I don't "stick to it"... what I mean is, if I have spaghetti down for Friday but it's Monday and I feel like making spaghetti, I'll make spaghetti. It's really just to have 7 meals planned out and I always leave 1 of those days blank so my husband and I can go eat out, even if it's just Taco Bell or Chikfila :P There's always a pizza night too! So that's just 5 meals I have to plan! :)

    Anyways, It really does save on groceries! I used to go to Walmart to buy groceries and would spend $120 on just my husband and I!! After I started meal planning it went down to $85 and now I spent approx. $45-60 each week!! It took a while to figure out "how we eat" (how much of something to buy, etc...) but once you figure it out you will save a lot of money!

    Also (sorry I'm writing a lot!! LOL) changing your name is very easy! Here's what I did (I love in FL) After I got marriage certificate in the mail I took that paper down to the Social Security office and told them "I need to change my name, I just got married." I handed them the paper and 1, 2, 3 just like that, they gave me a paper that said my name was changed but that my social security card still had to get mailed. Took that paper to my HR lady at work and I got my name changed there and then I think I waited for my new SS card to arrive and then I took it to the DMV and got my new license! i've heard a lot of girls say it's hard to change their name but i had a really easy experience! Hope you do too!


  3. I think now that J moved in, I am going to get someone to clean regularly too. I am just not a good housekeeper! I can do it but I'd rather spend my time elsewhere if possible.

  4. I would LOVE a housekeeper for the bathrooms. It's so gross cleaning in there.

    Sorry about the pain in your rib though. I hope it goes away.

  5. What I would give for a housekeeper.