July 25, 2014

Pit & Peak Friday!


(I will not give up on this Link Up! I love it!)


/ / My meal planning didn’t go as planned. This is mostly to the fact that plans got changed. Monday night we ended up at my in-laws for dinner and there were leftovers. When chicken wasn’t defrosted on Tuesday night I had Thomas eat his leftovers while I made some quesadillas for myself. Then on Wednesday I did make the Teriyaki chicken that he likes, but it didn’t come out as good as his moms. SO I will turn to the interwebs for a recipe for next time. 

/ / I don’t have snacks for work! I am really trying to get into my calorie counting but a lack of will power combined with still adjusting to cooking for food for another person that are not calorie friendly is causing a lack of weight loss for me. Excuses, excuses – I know!

/ / My supervisor left for vacation! I love my supervisor and she is the best in our office, so when she’s not here it is sometimes hard to get things done. 


/ / My hubby is home all week! The sad thing is that he’ll be gone part of next week .

/ / Our oven got fixed!!! It even got a whole new panel – looks brand new! (not!)

/ / The patches that I got for my pain seem to be helping somewhat (even if they are a hassle to put on every morning).

/ / This one is sort of a pit and a peak. We went to our first HOA meeting on Wednesday night. While there were other people there that felt the same way we did, the association has very little as far as reserves go and money is being spent on superficial things that don’t need to be done. 

/ / The wonderful woman who donated a kidney to my sister in 2007 started to fundraise for the Alaskan Kidney Patients Association. She will participate in the Dash for Organ Donation. I'll talk more about this in another post.


  1. Me and meal planning...oh, man. I used to be such a rockstar at it! I don't know what happened--but I ALWAYS forget to pull things from the freezer. That part of my brain doesn't function right. I'm glad the pain patches are helping!!!

  2. Ohh. You have to have your snacks!

    As silly as it sounds, if I don't bring my snacks (usually jerky, protein bar or fruit) with me then I binge on the bad stuff...like candy.

  3. My Meal Planning got derailed this week too. Hoping to do better next week!

    Enjoy the time with the Hubby. If he's anything like mine, he works more than he's home.

  4. Thank goodness for a husband being home and a fixed oven!