July 10, 2014

Summer Plans

I had written a nice post for today and then I left it at work. I've been training someone which means I don't have planning/writing time during work. Only 3 more days of that, then back to normal writing!

I'll try to remember what I wrote...

Summer is definitely changing for me. I remember I used to spend my summer breaks watching Major Dad and some other shows and then going swimming after they were over. A lot of summer was spent going shopping and doing things with my niece and nephew since I was a substitute teacher and didn't work. 

This is the 3rd summer which has me working a regular 40 hour week. It's hard! I miss being able to just call it quits for 2.5 months! I had it easy back then. 

The last few years have included taking the kids swimming and going shopping in the evenings (okay, the shopping happens the whole year round, who am I kidding?). Mostly, though, it includes doing more reading because of the extended daylight hours and trying to stay cool inside with the AC and fans running. 

Now that I'm married I hope summer brings pool parties at our place, maybe some camping trips (we will be going in October, but fall counts here - it's hot anyway!), and possibly some beach trips. I'm not a huge beach person but I might be inclined to take a trip to just lay in the sun. Now I just have to find someone who would want to do that with me. Any LA bloggers want to join me? 

I'll post a re-cap of my summer on September 21st and see how it went! 

Treasure Tromp


  1. Summer becomes harder when you "become" an adult. There's no real ending anymore and you have to really work at having fun on those weekends! It's always good to plan those weekends ahead to make sure you get every drop of summer out ...

  2. I forgot all about Major Dad! Loved that show! And yes, summer is no longer what it used to be. I wish I were a teacher at least so I had summers off.

  3. Summer and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the summer clothes, but hate the heat and humidity.

  4. Major Dad! That's a total blast from the past!!

    I'd love to have summers off...maybe then I would be less inclined to complain about the heat and humidity?

  5. If only the workplace had summer breaks too but at least we can look forward to 3 day weekends :)

  6. summer is the best. esp when it's including water of any kind. camping shouldn't be done in the summer esp in Georgia b/c it's way too hot. fall would be more of a time to camp.


  7. The beach is always fun.

    And I so remember Major Dad. Awesome show.