July 2, 2014

The Mahoney Wedding – April 26, 2014 (Part 2)

I understand people hate reading blogs in a million different posts, but I couldn’t really cut out just parts of my wedding days, and the posts were getting really long, so I figured this was the best way to go about it. Thank you to those who have been sticking around for it!

I was surprised that I wasn’t nervous to walk down the aisle. Well, until a minute before when I remembered I didn’t have my shoes on! We were standing in a room to the side of the chapel when I realized I was barefoot! I hadn’t put my heels on because they were way too painful for me to have on when I didn’t need to. My MOH rushed to put them on before they motioned for her to walk down the aisle. 

I stood there with my daddy, waiting for our turn. It was nice to have a moment alone with him. I felt so grateful that he was there. 

I had no worries at that moment. I thought I would be nervous. That I would be freaking out because there were so many people with their eyes on me. But I didn’t. I was calm and excited to walk down the aisle. I looked around at all the people around me as we reached the end of the aisle where the pastor asked my dad if he gave my hand in marriage to Thomas. We had practiced it differently, but my dad caught on and agreed. I think he told Thomas to treat me well and shook his hand before I took Thomas’ arm and walked up to the pastor. 

Although we had a rehearsal the night before, we hadn’t met with the pastor so it was all new and fresh at that moment. We didn’t know how long it would last or what he would say. We knew it would be religious in part, but what the vows would be? Not a clue. Actually I don’t even remember what they were. This part is really just a blur. 

What I remember clearly is that at one point the pastor stopped and so Thomas thought that was the time to give me our first kissed as a married couple. Everyone laughed at that. We had to take the candles our mom’s had lit before the ceremony and light the unity candle. I asked the pastor “do I turn the candle off, now?”, which caused quite the uproar from the guests. That was probably the most embarrassing moment of the ceremony. 

After the ceremony ended, Thomas and I walked out followed by our bridal party. The pastor, Thomas, I, and his best man along with my MOH went to the office so we could sign the marriage certificate. We posed for some pictures there and then returned to the chapel to take more pictures. 

We spent quite a while taking pictures in the chapel. Unfortunately they aren’t the best photos. Although we paid over $1k for pictures for the day, the photographer was not as professional as I would have hoped and it seemed as though she kept the camera on automatic. I could have paid someone a lot less to do the same. You live and learn. Luckily I had friends and family who took some nice shots. 

Trying to get the photos was interesting. Thomas has a huge family.

Initially the photographer told my family to get on my side and his on his, I told her that it wouldn’t work – his family couldn’t fit on just his side as you can see. My entire family numbered 13, including myself! 

After everyone left (and man, everyone was in a hurry to be done with pictures and leave) we took some more individual shots. Since the service took less time than we thought, Thomas, the photographer, and I waited around for the limo to arrive. We took some extra pictures during this time. 

The limo was very nice and included alcohol – unfortunately neither of us liked the alcohol they had. We enjoyed some time alone as husband and wife and took some silly pictures. 

When we arrived at Thomas’ parents’ home for the reception we had to pull to the side and wait because our entire bridal party and family weren’t there for us to make the entrance into the party. After a few minutes they finally arrived and we were able to come in. 

This is our immediate family - siblings, parents, and grandparents.

Here is our ENTIRE family - both sides. Okay. Not really, this is just HIS entire family and my immediate family.  

This is my entire immediate family - except for my sister who was in the hospital at this point.

The pastor had us take this picture. I thought it was amazing! The best picture ever! 

Thomas with our fathers.

Me with our moms.

Our siblings - my sister missing.

Next time I’ll talk about the reception. There will probably be a lot of pictures in the post and not a lot of words – I think. 


  1. I love looking at wedding pictures! y'all are so stinkin cute!

  2. fabulous photos! your dress is gorgeous, and love the family photo!

  3. I just can't tell you enough how beautiful and happy you look. Like. It makes me smile so big every time I read a story or see a picture from your wedding.

  4. SUCH a beautiful day for a happy couple. I LOVE the last 2 photos especially <3<3